Friday, February 18, 2011

Thank You ~ Each and Every One of You!

Thank you bloggers!!!
I want to take a moment to compliment all of the fabulous
bloggers out there. You have provided hours of pleasure not only to me
but to countless others.

I am continually amazed by your creativity, ingenuity, kindness, humor
and compassion.

Where can anyone go for FREE and be entertained, enlightened, informed
and amused???

Anyone with internet access can find comfort, get recipes, be uplifted and
have a giggle with the many, many talented bloggers out there.

Thank You!

You have filled my heart with your sweet stories, lovely pics of your
kids, grandkids and your pets.

Give yourselves a pat on the back ~ you all deserve it!

A special thanks to Brenda for spending her time
to help me and many others with her knowledge and
"Good Old Girl Texan" sensibility!!

Okay now ~ You all Go Girls!!!

Lots of love and admiration,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Aww...what a wonderful post!! You are such a sweetie and your blog is much to be admired and inspirational =) Have a fabulous weekend! Xoxoxo

  2. right back at you -my talented friend!!


  3. I concur, and I thank you right back!

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  5. Awwww. you are so sweet...I second your thoughts.


  6. Susan,
    Blogging is such a wonderful experience. We are so blessed to be able to share our dreams, talents, experiences, love, etc. to each other. I am so blessed to have met you!
    Love you, too Bentley :)

  7. I feel like every day I get to read a new magazine when I read the blogs..and I have made new friends I treasure

  8. Dear Susan and Bentley,
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  9. Susan, Back to you girlfriend. You are playing the theme song from one of my favorite shows, love it. Where else could a girl have so many friends, some we know, and some we haven't met yet but know we will through our blogs. Come visit me sometime, I need some new friends(followers) . I'm proud to call you FRIEND. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Love to you and give Bentley a big hug.

  10. You are welcome! :D Bentley, you rock! How are you today, babe? Is your mom making you some tea? My Westie LOVES tea with a little sugar and lots of milk!

  11. nice....and I send it right back to you!

  12. Hiya Susan. What a sweet post. And you know, I so agree with you. Blogging has been such an enriching experience for me, too. Oh, oh, I have that same canister set. My mom had one when I was itty bitty, so I had to get one. Take care.

  13. Aww your so sweet, but being a blogger yourself and sharing with us includes you! I just love you and Bentley.. Have a great weekend. Mindy says to give Bentley a kiss (I think she's sweet on him!) (((Hugs)))

  14. Hello, I visit your blog every day and you have given me many days of enjoyment. So...thank you for all your wonderful posts...AND...tell Bentley hi ! !

  15. Beautiful post Susan and you described the exact reason why I visit you and Bentley daily!!!
    Thank you Susan for all your homey , feel good posts and of course thank you too Bentley for being so cute!!!
    Sam loves all the comments from you too!

    Pamela xoxo

  16. What a great post, yes and a and thank you too:)

  17. Hi Susan and Bentley,
    Oh goodness - what a lovely and inspirational post- love - love it and also loved your post about American Women.
    Thank you for your talent and inspiration.
    Erin and Bentley

  18. I ABSOLUTELY love that your middle name is Wallis. I think perhaps like Camilla, Wallis was villified when perhaps she shouldn't have been. If Edward (and Charles) had been allowed to marry who they actually loved things would be rather different.
    Wear it with pride my dear.

    If you are a dog lover please visit my Metis Linens blog as Andrea and I are having a dog themed giveaway.

  19. It is a wonderful community isn’t it? I think Brenda is great-she is so willing to support and help. What a great post.
    Amy :)


Bentley and I LOVE and read every comment.


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