Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tartan Me Up Scotty!

I have always been crazy about plaid and Scottie dogs too.
My very first dog when I was a little girl was a Scottie named
Bonnie Heather MacGregor.  She always wore a tartan leather collar
imported from England. Tartans and Scotties are a match
made in heaven. 

Since those early days, I have collected every form of plaid.
Lunch boxes, coolers, picnic ware, plates, jammies, suitcases and more.

I guess you could call me Tartan crazed, so when I heard about
the four day Tartan Parade, I just knew I would join in on the fun.

I asked my lead carpenter to make some crates for me (crates are my
newest passion) and I painted one red and added a vintage 
Scotty fruit crate label.  I think much of the tartans will end up in
our cabin up north as will this crate.  Can't wait to see what others
are sharing this Sunday!  Let's go visit some friends ~


Bentley looks good in tartan too!

Susan and Bentley


  1. I love Scotties too! They are such sweet dogs. Love the tartan prints!

  2. Hi Susan,

    You probably won't believe this, but I promise I wouldn't make it up. First, my husband and I had a Scottie from 1989-2000, and her name was Bonnie. Yep...that's right. We were trying to choose between Maggie or Mary (as in Queen of Scots), and I came up with Bonnie, because she was a "bonnie" lass. She was a sweetheart and a real trooper. We both cried so hard when she died. We now have our MacDuff, who is also aging -- he was twelve March 31st. I don't want to look too far ahead. He's a wheaten color Scottie, and quite a handful. ;)

    The second thing is, we have those same two prints you're showing. The Wheaten Scottie and the black one. They were in our basement room for several years, and I recently moved them to our den. I love those prints, and I love tartan and Scottish Terriers.

    Happy Seasonal Sunday to you.

    Denise at Forest Manor

  3. what a wonderful collection.

  4. Susan, what a fun post for tartan and scottie lovers! Thank you for sharing in the Tartan Parade. I can just imagine how fabulous that cabin is going to look!
    Love the vintage graphic. Is this a piece you found or did you download it from the web. I think I need one of these. ;-)
    Cute pictures of the scotties.
    Sadie says, "Woof, woof, Bentley".

  5. Scotties are truly very adorable dogs! Your collection of tartans must be quite extensive now. I'm sure your cabin will be very warm and inviting. Linda

  6. Hi Susan!
    I was hoping you and Bentley would bring some of your
    famous plaiditude to the Parade! Such sweet images!
    Loving your new/old crates. They are great.

    Thanks for joining in on the fun~

  7. What a great collection! Sally

  8. I think I may need to add to my plaid collection after seeing yours! I just told my husband today that our dog needs a plaid collar :-)

  9. Love your tartans. I have a few, but not many. You know I love scotties and westies, Yorkies and all of the terriers. They have such spunk and pizzaz. I especially, get a kick out of Bentley, now that little Mindy is gone

  10. Great pics Susan! Love all of your fun plates-enjoy:@)

  11. Your title was very clever and brought me right over here to tell you that. Once here I enjoyed your Scotties and Tartans too!

  12. Tartans and Scotties are a match made in heaven! Love your tartans and your Scotties! ~Delores

  13. So many pretty things.. Must get more tartans! xo marlis

  14. Oh all this Tartan today is gorgeous.
    I once made a very sick Scottish friend,and made her a red warm knee rug,and Appliqued two Scotty dogs facing each other onto it with the words Friends Forever. She so loved it and now she has passed,her hubby still lays it across the bottom of the bed. You brought back lovely memories of my dear friend.

  15. So cute. Wonderful collection.

    Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  16. Bonnie Heather MacGregor...oh what a perfect name for a little girl Scottie. (I'm a MacGregor,too). Love your paintings and tartan vignettes. I have a lot of clothing with tartan and PJs with Scotties, but I wouldn't show you them... I've just about worn them out. Thanks for a great post.


Bentley and I LOVE and read every comment.


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