Sunday, June 14, 2015

How to Have Wrinkle Free Skin

Okay ~ I will admit, I am guilty of a teaser headline.  Well,
not completely guilty though and more on that in a moment.

Guess what ….  there is now something called an ~

Invest 91-L approaching the Gulf of Mexico and is currently
over the Yucatan peninsula.  What is an Invest???  It means
that meteorologists are investigating a potential tropical storm.
If this Invest 91-L develops into a tropical storm, it will be
named Bill.

It is conceivable, they say, that if Bill does show up at our doorstep,
he could welcome us with 12 inches of rain upon our already
saturated ground, lakes, rivers, streams and bayous.  

Now my definition of Invest is, better invest in a rubber raft and/
or building an Ark!  

This is my attempt to inject a bit of humor into this situation :-)
Blame it on early morning fuzziness before a nice cup of strong 
coffee.  Well, David and I had a chuckle over it anyway.

Back to the topic of wrinkles.  I say, if you want to have wrinkle free
skin ~ move to the Texas Gulf Coast.  Just look at the humidity!!!
All you have to do is step outside and any wrinkle or potential 
wrinkle is history :-)

Now ~ if I could just find a way to trap this into a jar I could go on
QVC and sell this bit of miraculous stuff :-)

Thanks Invest 91-L ~ or will we be referring to you as Bill soon?

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.  We will be staying inside
watching old movies and maybe I'll get David to make us some
popcorn.  He makes the yummiest popcorn!  

Bentley ~ go give your daddy a nudge and a kiss.  He'll do
anything for you.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Susan, very thought provoking. I am considering booking my ticket if you tell me that it would take away the wrinkles that have already moved in! Hope the weather man is wrong, as he so often is in our area, and you will not get that storm. At the very least you will have green grass after it passes, ours is all brown around here and we are all starting to think about re-organizing our gardens..Happy, and hope for dry, Weekend.. You could have that yummy popcorn either way, couldn't you?..Judy

  2. We had a downpour yesterday evening and again this morning. Sun is shining bright now tho. It is so humid!

    Hope you don't get all of that rain. You sure don't need it.


  3. Hi Susan! Oh, we've been seeing about all of the rain and flooding down your way! Stay safe ad hunker down!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. It sure doesn't make any sense or seem fair...."we", here in California are desperate for the wet stuff!!! I miss the rain. Your yard with the rain & haze looks WONDERFUL!!!!
    YES!!! the humidity is great for skin and hair but....... yuck!!! I've spent many summers visiting grandma in Pennsylvania...thought I would choke to death. I love my San Francisco bay area...born & raised. Oh!!! GO WARRIORS, too!!!
    Be safe!!!

  5. Y'all are so funny, I think I'd opt for the ark. You could fix it up, blog about it (would need to include a hot spot) - sort of like the vintage trailers Brenda is showing this week at her Cozy Little House. But hey, I hope you don't get all that ton of rain!


  6. Rain, rain go away.....Not good at singing. I pray the rain stops soon and doesn't become a Tropical storm.


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