Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Christmas Memories

Fragile Christmas ornaments wrapped so gently in tissue paper.
Unfolding and unwrapping them brings a flood of happy

Christmas trees through the years.  Always big trees.  As big a 
tree that would fit in the house.  Little tiny fairy lights, sometimes in
multi colors, sometimes just white.  

Beautifully wrapped packages that my Mama spent hours and
hours designing.  Each one a work of art specially created for
it's recipient.  Packages so pretty that one almost hated to 
unwrap … well almost.

A fire aglow and egg nog and hot chocolate.  Fuzzy bathrobes
and well worn slippers that would probably be replaced by new
ones still under the tree.  

Daddy still taking pictures of the tree and all the packages
underneath.  We all had to keep our excitement at bay
while he finished this important yearly task.

Stockings were indeed hung on the mantel and always
filled with tiny surprises.  We all took turns laughing and
oohing about the contents.  I still have our family dog's
Christmas stocking that has been the stocking of every
dog I have owned since I was five years old.  A treasured
stocking that has been shared by Bonnie, Charlie, Martini,
Charlie II, Bitterman, Binkie and now Bentley.

Cheese fondue with toasty bread squares served
in front of the fire while we opened our presents.

The same Christmas dinner shared for years.  Roast
Beef, Yorkshire Pudding, Peas and little pearl onions,
Scalloped Potatoes.  

The phone call to out of town relatives.  Laughter.

If we were lucky enough to have snow, we would
take a walk outside that evening and marvel at it's
stillness to admire the Christmas lights shining from 
every house.

As I think back upon these treasured memories,
I am reminded not of the gifts so much as the 
time spent with those I have loved.  Those times were and
always will be priceless.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I absolutely love this post. You brought me back to a simpler time, to a place of peace and love. You are such a beautiful writer. Thank you for this - I will carry this with me into my evening. xo

    1. Times were simpler then, but I try to keep them simple now too.

  2. Beautiful post and precious memories!!


  3. What a beautiful post, sister. Brought tears to my eyes, as that was so much like my Christmas' at home with my parents. Such a special time of year. Love you.

    1. That's why we are sisters because our hearts are always at home with our families <3

  4. I don't know if writing this put a lump in your throat--but reading it put a lump in mine. The memories are always about the people and not the presents aren't they? What sweet, precious memories you have to hold onto. xo Diana

  5. Sounds like such a dream! I LOVE how you have the same doggy stocking all of those years, how precious that is. That made me tear up.....

  6. Gosh, that was a lovely, nostalgic post. You do, indeed, have memories to treasure. Thanks for sharing with us. Susan


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