Friday, April 7, 2017

Sometimes I Get So Angry

I held off from writing this post.  I read something this morning that
made me angry.   I wanted to immediately say something in response,
but I decided to wait a while and see if the anger persisted.  It's now
nearly 5:00 PM, and I am still aggravated, so I decided that perhaps
now is the time for me to vent.

First of all I must tell you that I will not shame anyone personally.
I won't be putting names on the behavior, but will only say that I
abhor the behavior that I am about to discuss.  

There are some in this world who are hypocrites.  I'm sure you
have met some.  Most of the time I just brush them off.  I know they
exist and I just can't be bothered to acknowledge them.  Once and
a while the hypocritical behavior hits a bit too close to home and
thats when I have trouble letting it go.  

Several years ago something was done that personally effected someone
I love.  It was a nasty act that was meant to cause separation and revenge.
In my opinion, it was perhaps one of the cruelest and most insensitive of
acts that one could do to another.  The results of this act were permanent 
and forever irreversible.  While I have forgiven these individuals in my
heart, because as a Christian I must, I have not forgotten the action and
will forever keep these individuals at arms length.  To this date, no 
apology has ever been offered.

So why am I disturbed about this now?  The reason is simple.  Several
of these people who either knew about, or were responsible for this 
nasty deed, find it perfectly fine to go on to social media and repeatedly
complain about others.  They finger point and get all incensed and I 
keep thinking that perhaps they need to take a good look in the mirror.
They are so quick to find fault and blab about the perceived errors
of others in a very public way.

None of us are perfect, and I certainly am not.  I do believe however that
actions speak louder than words.  I hope that perhaps I have shed a bit
of light on the fact that we all have hearts that can be broken by
actions that cannot be undone.  We all need to think before we act and
to look into our own hearts before we criticize others.  If you have
taken the time to finish reading this post, I thank you for letting me

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. You go ahead and vent dear girl. Sometimes venting can heal us just a bit; I hope your weekend is filled with joyful things.

  2. I'm so sorry this happened to you, and hope now that you can find peace. I firmly believe what goes around comes around. People get their karma. Love your blog and the joy it brings.

  3. Goodness gracious! I hear ya, feel, and totally concur! I'm so sorry this happened to you. I hope you have a good weekend that washes this bad memory right down the drain.

  4. Sometimes we need to vent and you are right. I have been in your place in my own family with people who are close family members who have done the actions you have described, offered no apology, (and worse, ) and get offended if they imagine you or others do some slight to them. These are toxic people and it is always best to ignore them. Life is short, and unfortunately, we need to sometimes cut toxic family/friends out who do this continual pattern of behavior out of our lives and distance ourselves from them, and let them That is the only way to live a happy and peaceful life, I have found. Believe me, I know. I am so sorry this happened and I really feel for you.

  5. I love you, Susan! I'm glad you "vented". You sent a good message to all of us to watch what we think and say. Thank you for speaking your Christian faith. All the time you were telling us this, you were showing us the loveliest, most peaceful pictures of your home. I felt your anger, but I also felt your love. Thank you!

  6. Well, I certainly can relate to this post dear friend. Sometimes we just have to be the bigger person and go on with our lives. We can't let negativity ruin our good times. Thanks for the post.

    Have a great weekend.


  7. Sometimes, just sharing with others as you have, will lessen the pain of what has happened in your life. It is so sad, that there are people, and I have met a few, that are very much hypocrites, and they do tend to blab on and on about other people, without caring who they hurt. I hope this vent has helped, and I wish you a beautiful sunny weekend. xoxo

  8. Life is FULL of hypocrites and haters and cruel people! Try to keep the poison at a distance !! Their is a battle RAGING in the world between good and evil ! Stay calm and know that God IS IN CONTROL !!

  9. I cut a very toxic person off about 8 months ago. I've put it behind me but the toxic individual still has plenty to say about me. Want to believe it??? Go for it because you are no friend. It's so frustrating but you say your piece and let it go. You find out who your friends are. Vent when ever you feel like it!!!!

  10. Social media can certainly reopen wounds. I'm so sorry about your loved one. Feel free to vent when you need to.

  11. For your distress may I offer my sympathy. Sadly, social media has indeed made the behavior of toxic people more and more visible. Many of us have experienced difficulties but possibly not as hurtful as yours. I had a person in my life that I considered a "complicated friend." So many times I was slighted and at one time stayed away. When my son died unexpectedly I needed my friend more than ever, she was not there for me. Recently she was diagnosed with a fatal illness, I summoned my forgiveness and tried to be the very best friend I could be over a three year period despite what had happened. She died last week. I was heart broken until I discovered, purely by accident, at the funeral, that she was still "complicated" no matter how hard I tried and our friendship obviously meant more to me than it did to her. I will forgive her selfishness but I must say, I have learned a very difficult lesson. I sure hope that you are able to maintain your forgiveness and keep your wonderful self at a higher level.

  12. Venting is a good thing and perhaps you should consider un-friending folks. I'm a Bible believing Christian but I'm cautious about the company I keep...both in real life and virtual (social media). I figure if Jesus would be upset (as He sits beside me), that's a reason to leave. Since Dave's death (my husband), the folks that have used, abused, stolen, gossiped, bullied me are numerous and it's taken me a while to arrive at the place where I can leave it, and them, with God. "Vengeance is mine and I will repay" says God. He has a plan and I choose to trust Him.

  13. It's okay to vent, no need to apologize. I look at the beautiful pictures of your patio and think what a lovely place to sit and let the ugly words and actions of other disappear. If these people are doing this on social media I think I would put it where you are still friends but don't see their posts. I understand your keeping them at arms length. I think it's going to be a beautiful day today here in Texas. A cup of tea and a good book sitting out in your patio looks like how to spend a wonderful day.

  14. I understand your angst, Susan. I have seen the same thing happen in our family. The damage gets a bandaid put on it and we move on but the destruction can never really be fixed or undone. Usually those perpetrating the problems are the first ones to step forward and call someone else out. They have NO idea what THEY (themselves) are really like or how others (that know the truth) perceive them.

    Most likely the people you are writing about will never read the words you wrote and, if they do, most likely would not think you were talking about them anyway. It is sad....and like you---I forgive---but I never forget. Sometimes having a really good memory is not such a good thing after all.

    God bless you and have a great upcoming week. xo Diana


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