Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Vintage Christmas Memories

One of the reasons I love Christmas so much is
because of all the happy memories ...

Recipes from friends like my dear friend
Mary Kay. She still lives in NY
and I'm here in Idaho, but I'll always
remember baking Christmas Cookies together!!

Vintage cookie cutters and an old wooden spoon.
A cheery and vintage Christmas apron.

An old recipe box filled with treasured family favorites
The Christmas dishes we use every year.
I guess I'm just a sentimental girl,
but I love all the family traditions.
I suspect most of you do too!

Please go visit Suzanne for more Vintage Thingies!

Bentley, you love your old chewed up toys ~ they are your
very own Vintage Thngies!

Susan and Bentley


  1. This is so wonderful to read and see! I love old memories too. I actually remember having one of those aprons...boy do I feel old now!
    Tnaks for sharing:)

  2. Most of my holiday memories are when my mother was cooking and hiding what little Santa had for us.

  3. Most memories seem to revolve around food... Love your apron and cookie cutters-enjoy:@)

  4. how nostalgic, how wonderful! that is what the holidays are all about, thanks for sharing, friend....


  5. What wonderful things and memories. I love that chunky old wood spoon!

  6. Very sweet, the old recipe box!

  7. what a lovely all your treasures! i have a set of those sweet cookie cutters too, aren't they fun!

  8. I love all your vintage things, Susan. Aren't memories wonderful. I think of being with Granny often, while she was cooking in the kitchen. I was right by her apronstrings! I added your city to my Iphone weather app, so I can keep up on your snow totals! Bentley, stay on the path that Daddy shoveled for you!
    p.s. Today is the big day we are making the dining room. Wish us luck.
    Love you both!

  9. Your apron is cute. I have been hoping to find a vintage Christmas apron.

  10. I still feel so close to my mom when I open her tattered old cookbook and see the smudges and stains on the fruitcake recipe she made each year. It's the same cookbook that I in my 8 year old wisdom chose to press my paint-by-numbers ballerina in and it left an indelible impression (what was I thinking?). Happy memories of merry Christmases!
    What happy memories of bygone Christmases do you have Bentley?
    Tina xo

  11. What fun Christmas things! Great keepsakes!

  12. Oh! I feel so wistful reading your post. My mom had some of those cookie cutters with the red wooden handles. And gosh I miss those days of handwritten recipe cards, so very sweet.

    Happy VTT,

  13. What a cute apron! You know- I've never made Christmas cookies (other than the slice and bake). I must get together with some friends and start a new tradition.

  14. Susan, I love the way you grouped these things and made such a wonderful vignette with vintage Christmas treasures. That apron is wonderful, and I love the cookie cutters too. laurie

  15. Gorgeous apron. I love those big old cookie cutters with the wood handles. I haven't made cut out cookies in years, I'll have to get my cookie cutters out this year.

  16. Your cottage is looking very festive, and a winter wonderland outside too! Christmas recipes are such an important part of the special season. I loved my mother's sugar cookies--ever so thin and delicious.

  17. Susan,
    Loving all of your vintage treasures!! The apron especially made my heart skip a beat!!



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