Friday, December 11, 2020

Too Warm for Hot Chocolate

It really doesn't feel like hot chocolate weather, but then it
rarely does in South Texas.  I love the idea of it though.
Christmas is one time of the year when I am not willing
to part with tradition.  Are you?  Or do you like to
shake things us and take a modern perspective?

We put the lights on our Christmas tree last night, and 
I spent most of the afternoon decorating it.  I'm not
finished yet.  I was initially thinking that I would keep
everything simple, but I have tossed out that idea.
Hopefully, tonight I will be finished and then I 
can just sit back and enjoy the scene.

Lots of Love,
Susan and Oliver


Wednesday, December 9, 2020

I Miss My Grandmother

 Throughout the year I get along okay.  I miss my parents, my grandparents,
my aunts and uncles on a regular basis.  The holidays are tough ones for me.
I never had brothers and sisters, and I have never had children, so my parents, 
grandparents and my aunts were the only family I had.  Sometimes I really
want to talk to them.  I miss their laughter and wise advise as I navigate
through this world alone.  I love my husband, and we have a good 
marriage, but I still feel lonely during the holidays.

Susan and Oliver

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Holiday Decor Promises I Have Made

Every year I promise myself not to go over the top with the

Christmas decor.  Well I have done it again.  What can I say,

I am weak!

Loads of Love,

Susan and Oliver

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Friday, December 4, 2020

Another Day of Happiness

First of all, let me say that this is an old Christmas photo of mine that you
may or may not recall from years ago on this blog.  I brought it back 
because I liked it.  Pure and simple as that!  This is part of my 
"Be Happy" program.  It's a totally self imposed program to just be
happy without pressure.  It's one where I choose to ignore the craziness
of our current society and just escape to my own little world of
good cheer.  So far it's working out really well!

Loads of Love,
Susan and Oliver


Wednesday, December 2, 2020

I have been away far too long.  The thought of blogging has seemed
daunting to me.  Since my illness, and now my recovery, I have
looked at life in a very different way.  Instead of trying to keep up with 
the standards that other bloggers have set, and my own previous
standards, I have decided to treat this platform as a daily diary.
A stream of consciousness if you will.  

What I have learned from facing death is to only be concerned 
about two things ... treating others kindly and to be true to 
myself.  No pretenses.  No efforts to follow trends, or compete
with others.  You will come to know me as I am.  Life is meant to
be enjoyed and shared with others, even in this age of Covid.
I hope that you will come to visit.  

Susan and Oliver



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