Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Bentley is Forever in My Heart

This is the hardest blog post I have ever written.  I have been putting it off, and putting it
off since March 5th.  My little sidekick, my little love, passed away in his sleep on that
day.  He was fourteen years old.  Bentley was with me when I first started this blog.  He
was featured in many, many posts.  I signed off each blog "Susan and Bentley" 
because it was always the two of us.  He was so greatly loved by me, my
husband, his grandparents, and all of our readers.

He will live in my heart forever.

Rest in peace dear Bentley.  I hope you had a good life with us.
We miss you and hope that you are whole once again across the
Rainbow Bridge.

On Saturday, May 1st, a new puppy will be a part of our family.  We have named
him Oliver.  I hope that you will enjoy my adventures with him as well.



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