Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Anniversary!

June 1, 2011

Our 22nd Wedding Anniversary

And we are still having fun!

I love you David!!

Joining ~

Bentley ~ you love your Daddy too!

Susan and Bentley

Monday, May 30, 2011

Classic Whites

Classic whites. Always in season. Always fresh
and lovely.

I am joining ~

Bentley and I had a wonderful holiday weekend even
though it rained most of the time. No matter what the
weather we always enjoy spending time with those
we love!

Susan and Bentley

Thank You For Your Service

Memorial Day 2011

Susan and Bentley

Sunday, May 29, 2011

**Weekend Chicken Update**

**News Flash**

Chickens like weeding!!!

Our neighbor, Dr Amy and the girls are participating in some
weeding between the rain drops we are having.

See Bentley ~ Don't you think we should get some
chickens too? No??? Don't you think it would be
great to have our own chicks??? No???
Oh well ~ it was worth a try!

Susan and Bentley

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day Plans

We could have cocktails on the front porch.

Or ...

Lemonade in the backyard.

But ...

It's cold and raining here in Idaho.

So ...

How about a hot cup of tea in front of the fire?

Whatever you do this Memorial Day Weekend ~
Please remember to honor the men and women who have
sacrificed to keep our nation free!

Bentley and I are joining ~

Bentley and I wish you and your family
a happy holiday!!

Susan and Bentley

Friday, May 27, 2011

Why We Love Pink!

As I was putting this week's Pink Saturday post together
I was thinking about why we love pink.

There are so many ways to use pink in our cottages.
For romantic summer evenings on the deck.

In the garden.
Bentley always helps of course!

For accessories around the cottage.

Perfect for holiday decorations.

For quilts hanging out in the sunshine.

For sewing and crafting projects.

And well ~ just because.

Happy 3rd Birthday to Pink Saturday! Thank you Beverly for
bringing us together each week to share our pinks!!

Okay lets party Bentley!!

Susan and Bentley

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You're The Cream in My Coffee!

You are invited for coffee!
We can enjoy the last of the irises from the garden.
I'm using a vintage coffee pot as a vase.

We can talk about decorating, gardening, our families
and pets.

And ...

Bentley and I can let you know how very much
we appreciate your visits!!

Then we can join ~

Bentley ~ bloggers and visitors are wonderful
don't you agree??
Bentley is nodding yes!!

Susan and Bentley

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blast From The Past Reds

I love to create vignettes and
I love red ... So here are
some blast from the past red collages.

That's all chickies!

I am joining ~


Bentley ~ are you still playing with that treatie ball?
Did you get the treatie out?
You did ~ but you still like to play with the empty
treatie ball. What a cutie pie you are!

Susan and Bentley

Monday, May 23, 2011

Par Avion Metamorphosis

I found this vintage train case at a thrift shop recently.
I wasn't sure about what to do with it, but I thought
it had potential.

So ...

I decided to decoupage it with copies of letters, postcards
and envelopes written by my Daddy during his many years
and worldwide travels as an international business executive.

It's hard for me to believe that he's been gone almost a
year now. I really miss him. But ... now I have a spot to store
some of his correspondence.

I lined the inside of the case in a vintage blue floral fabric
to highlight the par avion envelopes. International travel
was so much more glamorous back then. Everyone got
dressed up to fly and there were no invasive security checks.

Daddy led a very exciting life!

I am joining


Bentley ~ let's plan a trip!!

Susan and Bentley

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rise and Shine

Good Morning!
What's your pleasure?
Some farm fresh eggs, scrambled, soft boiled
or sunnyside up?

An almond and chocolate filled croissant with
strawberries and coffee?

Or a heart healthy bowl of oatmeal topped with
blueberries and a cup of green tea?

Whatever you choose ~ Bentley and I wish you a wonderful
sunny morning!

I am joining

Bentley ~ did you go back to bed??

Susan and Bentley

Friday, May 20, 2011

** Coop News Newsflash!!**

Thelma's coop mate ~ Aretha has been missing for the past
week. As I told Bentley ~ "She flew the coop"!

However, Aretha was found today nesting on top
of 16 eggs!!! She decided to nest between 2 garages
in the alley. Apparently something scared her
and she came back home!

The neighborhood hunt has ended and we can all
rest comfortably now that Aretha is back home!

Be gentle Bentley, Aretha is exhausted!!

Susan and Bentley


A Few of My Favorite Pinks

Spode in pink.

Tiny tea cups with pink roses.

More miniature chairs with pink pillows.

Tom Kitten.

And of course, quilting in pink!

Look for more favorites at ~

Bentley wants you all to know that he is feeling
"in the pink" and is very busy chasing squirrels and
cats too. Sorry Tom Kitten!

Susan and Bentley

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just Browsing

Sometimes there is nothing like a little retail therapy!
I love to browse through shops for inspiration.
I love this vintage wall cupboard!!

Or how about this vintage hall tree?

Vintage suitcases are always a favorite.

Or a chippy vintage magazine rack to hold
all of our must have mags.

Can I ever possibly have enough accessories??

And of course there is always vintage crystal, silver and linens.

Thanks for browsing with me!
Be sure to stop by and browse through these fun
Friday parties ~


Bentley, let's go hang some freshly laundered sheets
on the clothesline. It's not supposed to rain today!!

Susan and Bentley

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thrifty Camping in Re Run Red

Gas prices are high ~ so lots of folks will be taking
their vacations closer to home. Here's an idea I shared
with you last summer ~ backyard camping.

In Re Run Red of course. By now ya'll must know how
much I love red! So grab a vintage thermos and a
vintage coffee pot to brew coffee on the campfire.

As the sun sinks slowly in the west, I'll be dreaming of
thrifty holidays.

Hop on over and visit ~


Bentley and I are postponing our What's for Dinner Party
until a later date. We will keep you posted.
Bentley says Woof to Y'all!

Susan and Bentley

Monday, May 16, 2011

Trash To Thrifty Treasure!

I found this little chair in the alley behind my
cottage. It was unwanted and unloved. So ...

I brought it home. Found some left over paint in the
garage and gave it a little love.

Now I think it looks happy and cheerful!
And I did not spend one cent!

Come along and join me as I visit ~


Bentley ~ go peek through the back gate and see if there
are any more unwanted chairs in the alley!

Susan and Bentley

Friday, May 13, 2011

Pink Blossoms

I love pink blossoms.
Pink hydrangeas in a vintage blue and white planter.

The pink blossoms on my Mom's crabapple tree.

The way the branches of the crabapple tree hang gently over
the pergola that I designed and my hubby built for Mom.

And the blossoms after they fall far too soon.

I'm so happy that blogger is back up even though
I lost two previous posts. Apparently I am very addicted to

I am joining ~

The doors of my cottage are wide open and
Bentley is running in and out enjoying his yard
and seeing what's going on inside our cottage too!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

Susan and Bentley


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