Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fairy Garden Part 2

I decided to take some more pics of my fairy garden because a blogger
asked me where the garden was located.  I set the garden up in an old whisky
barrel.  The barrel sits on one side of my back porch opposite my herb garden.

I was inspired by this little garden fairy to construct a spot for her.

It was really fun shopping for plants and accessories.  I used Irish moss 
for the lawn and miniature phlox to resemble rose bushes. I built an arbor
and nestled it into some needle nose ivy.  I gathered up some small smooth
stones to line the pathways and added some larger river rock around the 
perimeter giving the fairies a place for sun bathing.

Bentley and I collected twigs from our walks around the neighborhood.  It took
me several hours to frame up the cottage and cut each twig to fit for siding.  I pulled
apart a pine cone to use for the shingles on the roof.

Constructing this fairy garden was the most fun I have had in a while.
Now that it is complete I keep thinking ~ what should I make next?

I am joining ~

Bentley ~ let's pack up your little duffle bag.  We are going up
to our property in the mountains this weekend to meet with the 
excavation man.  We will be building our full size cabin next.

Susan and Bentley

Monday, May 28, 2012

If You Believe in Fairies Then Clap Your Hands

I just finished my fairy garden.  I am taking some quick pics because fairies are
very elusive creatures and don't like to be photographed.  I thought I 
caught a glimpse of one moving some things into the cottage, so I'll be 

It's a little cottage I made of twigs and stones and pine cones.  I named it
Tinkerbell Cottage.  Of course the new resident may want to change the name.

I left some garden tools because most fairies love to care for their gardens.

And a little bench and a watering can.

A little bridge to other realms.

A meandering path to the cottage.

And an ivy covered arbor.

Lots of flowers to tend.

And some succulents too.

A rusty old rake to gather twigs that may fall.

I think we better leave.  I do believe that I saw some dishes being carried
through the door.

As we tiptoe quietly away ~ let's go visit

Bentley ~ you know to be respectful of the fairies now don't you?

Susan and Bentley

Sunday, May 27, 2012

From the Desk of Susan and Bentley: Thank You for Your Service

To all of the veterans both current and past ~

Thank you for your service!

You brave men and women have left families behind.  You have been willing
to make the greatest sacrifice to keep our nation free.  Many of you have been
scarred for life by the horrors of war.  Many of you have come home with life
changing physical injuries. You have born pains many of us civilians will
never have to know.  God bless you and thank you on this Memorial Day.
We are proud of you!

Susan and Bentley

Friday, May 25, 2012

What We Will and Won't Be Doing This Weekend

We WILL be celebrating the 4th birthday of Pink Saturday! But we WON'T be 
gardening.  It's raining right now and rain is in the forecast for the entire
weekend.  Did you hear that "Patio Daddy-O" (my husband) I don't 
think we will be grilling on the deck.  

But ... what we will be doing is creating a fairy garden.

I'll be busy constructing an arbor and a swing and a little cottage for
fairies.  I am gathering up materials for the construction now.

Polished pebbles, ivy and wee little plants.  Creating a spot for
the fairies to enjoy a cup of tea.  All fairies love tea don't you know.

I have some plans for pine cones too.

So working in my full size garden will have to wait until sunny days are
here again.

But the plants are enjoying the nice soft rain, so I don't mind too much.

I will be busy creating my fairy garden with twigs and pebbles, twist and
pine cones.  I hope they like it!

Happy 4th Birthday to Pink Saturday!
Let's visit Seasonal Sundays

Bentley ~ in between the raindrops lets go for a walk and gather
up some more twigs and rocks.  We will need lots more for all the
construction we have planned.

Susan and Bentley

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Enchantment in a Recycled Garden

My neighbor Inga, has the most charming dollhouse sized cottage.
She lives there with her Corgi, her cat and some chickens on a tiny 
postage sized lot that is filled with enchantment.  Notice the potting
shed attached to the cottage on the right.  Recycled windows and 
siding were used to create this functional and adorable shed.

Every square inch is utilized.  Most of what she has used to create
this magical spot is purchased from thrift shops and salvage yards.
She is a true artist.

Inside this wood structure is a rain barrel.  The rain rolls off her carport
and into the hidden barrel.  At the bottom of this structure is a 
spigot where she can attach a hose or fill a watering can.

Everywhere you turn there is magic.

Look at this collection of vintage yard tools!

I will be back to take more pictures.  I am amazed by Inga's 
creativity and passion for creating a haven with recycled finds.

I am joining

I would have taken more pics, but Bentley was with me and he
was completely distracted by Inga's chickens.

Susan and Bentley

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

From the Desk of Susan and Bentley Special Addition ~ Where the Wild Things Are

Idaho is a very remote place.  We don't have to travel far
from our cottage before the terrain becomes very steep and rugged.

On Monday there was a mountain lion following the path of the Boise River 
and strolling around the campus of Boise State University which is just a
little over a mile from my home.  Apparently this two year old female
cougar had become accustomed to humans, so she was considered a 
danger.  An officer from Fish and Game shot and killed her.

We have lots of wild animals here.  Deer, elk, moose, coyotes and black 
bears.  We also have wolves which were reintroduced to the state about 
fifteen years ago.  The wolf population has grown rapidly here.  Ranchers are
nervous and angry as many cattle have been killed.  Wolves have also
killed house pets.

The grizzly population is also on the rise.  I don't know about you, but
I have no desire to get up close and personal with a grizzly bear.  

Here we live in this beautiful state with it's majestic mountains and plentiful
rivers and glacier lakes. We share this beauty with the wild things.  Although
I understand that human life must be protected, I am saddened that this
beautiful animal had to be killed to protect us.  I suppose that's what 
can happen when one lives where the wild things are.

Susan and Bentley

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Grillin' and Chillin'

Here it comes girls ~ the first weekend of the outdoor grilling season.
The ONLY time when my husband takes part in meal preparation.

I do the shopping.  I set the table and David mans the grill.

He is pretty proud of his grilling and loves to accept compliments.

Bentley and I call him "Patio Daddy-O"!

His domain is the backyard deck!
Go Patio Daddy-O Go!



Bentley keeps close tabs.  You never know when a tasty morsel might
hit the deck!

Susan and Bentley

Monday, May 21, 2012

Life is Just a Bowl of Berries

Okay I know ~ the song really goes ...
"Life is just a bowl of cherries", but it's not cherry season yet,
and I love this sweet little strawberry set.

I am dedicating this post to Mona.  She recently found out that she is
NOT allergic to strawberries after believing she was for many years.
Now she is eating strawberries all of the time and loving them.
Here's to you Mona!!

Pour some cream on your strawberries too.  See that
little chicken on the cream pitcher?  Have you noticed how
chickens just keep on working their way into my cottage?  Our 
attorney is building a chicken coop and is buying some chicks.
David is running out of excuses why we can't have chickens when 
one of his best buddies has given in.  Maybe there is hope for
a coop yet!

Let's party with

I know Bentley ~ Sue's blog is It's A Very Cherry World, but her
party is Rednesday and strawberries are red after all.  Bentley, when did
you start getting so technical??? 

Susan and Bentley

Saturday, May 19, 2012

From The Desk of Susan and Bentley ~ Weathering the Storms

We all experience the storms of life.  No one gets a free pass.  Some storms are
quick and fleeting.  The car breaks down.  The water heater needs to be replaced.
Annoyances that come at inappropriate times yet can be handled.

Sometimes those annoyances come marching into our lives one after
another.  That's the moment when we may raise our hands up to the heavens
and ask ...
Why Me???

Yet, we still live through those moments and they are quickly forgotten by most
of us, yet some of us hang onto them like badges of valor.  

Larger storms may loom over the horizon.  The loss of a home to fire or flood.

These storms may bring seemingly unbearable heartache.  The loss of 
a loved one.  The worst of which I believe is the loss of a child.

Yet no matter how devastating that storm may be, we live on even
when we wish we could not.  How do we face a new day after the

We reach out to others.  We realize that the trials we live through are
universal.   We step out of our egos and reach out a hand to one in need.
A kind word to someone who is lonely or depressed.  A home cooked meal
delivered to an elderly shut in.  Mentoring a troubled child.  There is always
someone else who is weathering a storm too. Trust me on this and give it a
try when the storms become too violent.  You may very well see that ray of
sunshine that will give you the courage to face a new day.

Wishing you all clear sailing and a lovely day ahead.

From the Desk of Susan and Bentley will now be a weekly feature.

Susan and Bentley

Friday, May 18, 2012

Wow ~ I Did Something Really Stupid!!!

If you are looking for the post I wrote titled From Market to Table ~ it is
gone.  I had a very disturbing phone call tonight while I was trying to compose
a new post and I deleted the post from Wednesday by mistake!  I did my
best to recover it but it's apparently gone forever.

I have never done that before.  These are the pics from that post ~ but 
the text is only a memory.  

Such has been my life ... a series of flubs caused by tension.  Oddly enough
I was composing a post about how to handle stress when I received the
very stressful phone call.  When it's not my Mom's state of health then
it is my Aunt.  She is in quite a bit of physical distress right now.  I have
been able to handle the stress of all the family illness up until now, but  
I have begun to notice the toll it is taking on my own health.

I was just thinking today about how I need to take better care of
myself because I have two people who are dependent on me.  I can't 
afford to fall apart.  

So if I make blogging mistakes just know that I am a bit
scattered these days.  Thankfully I didn't delete my entire blog and
just deleted one post.  I think I need a hot bath, a massage and a
cup of tea.

Bentley ~ your mamma needs a good listener.

Susan and Bentley

Monday, May 14, 2012

Let's Have Dinner on the Deck Tonight!

The weather here is gorgeous!  I want to spend every minute I can outside!!
So ~ I am serving dinner on the deck tonight on these festive California
Poppy dinner plates by Franciscan.  Lots of pops of happy color!

I have not decided for sure what to serve, but I am thinking that
grilled chicken caesar salad might be good.  Oh and lots of tea and lemonade ~
an Arnie Palmer.  

I wish you all could join us.  Bentley will be entertaining us
with his nightly dinner show.  He is such a little ham.  I really have
to film his antics so that you can all have a giggle.

Well, I better run.  I have several errands to run before dinner.
I hope that y'all are having great weather where you live.

Don't forget to visit 

Bentley ~ make sure that you pay extra attention to your Daddy
when he comes home this evening.  He texted me earlier and he is
having a frustrating day.

Susan and Bentley


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