Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let the Sun Shine

Have I ever told you how much I love lemon?  Lemon slices in my tea and in my
ice water too.  Lemon chicken.  Susan Branch's recipe for lemon linguine.  By the way,
have you been to Susan's blog yet?  She always lets the sun shine!

Olive oil and lemon juice on my salad.  Lemon curd on biscuits and toast.
Lemon tarts and lemon bars.

Lemons are sunny and yellow and make me happy!

And lemon cookies too.  Try one ~ they are yummy!

Bentley ~ would you like a little slice of lemon in your water bowl?

Susan and Bentley

Monday, January 30, 2012

Bentley's Weekend Update

Hi ~ It's Bentley with a Weekend Update.
No ~ it's not your computer ~ it's me.  I am feeling fuzzy!
Momma and my Grandma kept me busy all day yesterday.
A couple of weeks ago they knocked down a wall between my
Grandma's kitchen and her dining room to create an "open concept".
Well ~ I don't care about that, I was only concerned about the treaties
my Grandma keeps in the kitchen, but she assured me they are fine and
gave me two of them just to prove it.  

What a relief!!!

Yesterday Momma and Grandma were moving furniture and working
on some kind of a pattern to put a slipcover on a pair of French 
chairs.  I don't know why they did this.  There was a lot of pushing and
shoving and carrying of furniture and lamps and mirrors and more stuff.

Of course I had to supervise!

But a guy gets tired so I went into the study and curled up in my
Daddy's lap.  We watched golf.  But, I still had to keep track of my
Momma and Grandma, so I had to get up several times.

Well, that was my Sunday.  Now I am feeling fuzzy and need to
power nap.  I hope those squirrels can keep quiet for a while!

Lots of Love and Puppy Dog Kisses,

Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's The Season For Love

It seems as though I was just taking pics for Christmas and now we are 
coming up on Valentine's Day!

It's time to pull out the hearts and flowers and get ready for ...

the season of love!  I am joining Seasonal Sundays  to see what wonderful
seasonal ideas are happening there.

Bentley and his daddy are napping on the sofa.  I am being very quiet so
that I don't disturb them.  Maybe I will go paint something.

Susan and Bentley

Friday, January 27, 2012

A Pink Palooza

Although the winter has been very mild so far for January, it's still
cold and gray with lots of rain.  I feel like I need a little bit of cheer so
let's have a ~ Pink Palooza!  A whole lot of happy pink pics.

A crystal bowl filled with pink carnations.

A sweet rose covered pink cup and saucer.

A galvanized metal planter filled with cottage pinkness.

An indoor pink picnic tea.  Whoops, I almost typed in Picnik because I 
love that photo editing site so much, even though we will be losing it.

And one of my favorite pink tea cups.

I feel happier already!  Okay ~ let's get more pink palooza at


Bentley ~ what do you think?  Shall we try to finish painting that
hutch today?

Susan and Bentley

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Invitation to a Quilting Tea

There are two things I really enjoy ~ sipping tea and quilting.

I wish you could all come over and join me.  
Maybe ...

you will provide the incentive I need to finish a quilt I started quite some
time ago.  It is becoming very vintage now!

What do you think Bentley ~ will Momma ever finish that quilt?
If she does, will you feature it in your magazine?  After you 
take a nap on it of course!

Susan and Bentley

Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter Whites to Go

I have been moving things around and changing some color schemes in my
cottage.  First, I painted the old blue hutch in the kitchen a barn red.  While I liked
the color very much, I decided that it was too dark for the room, so I am
in the process of painting it white.  I removed everything from the shelves because
even though many items are thrift shop finds, they are special to me.

I had fun grouping items in a big wicker basket and was enjoying
the different textures of the whites, so ...

I am still painting the hutch because I got distracted.  Does that ever 
happen to you?

Bentley ~ it was snowing this morning and it's raining now.
Funny weather for January.

Susan and Bentley

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I'm Having A Blue Monday

I am feeling blue ~ Picnik ~ one of my favorite photo enhancing tools, is
going away as of April 19, 2012.  I have used Picnik to create banners,
mosaics and labeling for many months and have enjoyed their features.
Well, I suppose all good things must come to an end, but I'll be sad when
they are gone.

Joining ~

Bentley ~ your Momma doesn't like change much does she?

Susan and Bentley

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bentley Has His Own Magazine!

Bentley ~ When did you publish your own magazine?
Just today Momma.  And Momma, when are you going to publish
a book about me?

It is obvious that Bentley is in the driver's seat!

Seasonal Sundays

Susan and Bentley

Friday, January 20, 2012

From The Desk of Susan and Bentley

There are three desks in my cottage.  One belongs to my hubby and two of 
them are mine.  I use one desk for taking care of business ~ household 
accounts, taxes, the nitty gritty aspects of life.  But there is another desk ~
that's where dreams happen and creativity flows.  

I have collected lots of little things for this desk over the years.  Little things that make
me happy and encourage the dreaming to become reality.  It is probably no surprise to
you that most of these things are pink.

I have been fluffing up this little area of my cottage recently and will be showing
you more of it later.  Until then, this is my contribution for Pink Saturday.  I hope
that each of you have a spot in your cottage that makes your heart sing.  Bentley
is always in my lap when I am at my desk and that makes my heart sing too.

Susan and Bentley

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Egg Cups

I love egg cups.  I only have a few of them.  

I hope to find some more.  They are such a sweet and gentle way to start
the day.

I know that there are new ones, but I think the vintage ones are
the sweetest of all.  

The snow is starting to fall here.  We may actually be getting the big
snowfall they predicted for today.  I hope we get snowed in so that I can
read blogs all day!

 Bentley ~ Momma will have to shovel a path for you!

Susan and Bentley 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Setting Up Camp

We have designed the plan for our new cabin.  We will be breaking 
ground this spring and hoping to be moved in by summer.  I am so excited 
about decorating it.  It will have a vintage look with inherited pieces from
family and bits and pieces I have been collecting.  I found this Campfire
Marshmallow tin recently.  It's a reproduction of an authentic tin used to 
store marshmallows.  I had to laugh because the tin says it's the "original food".

Old kerosene lamps and vintage signs.  We'll be fly fishing up there because our
property is walking distance to the little Salmon River.  Lot's of wildlife too. The last
time David was up to survey the lot, he and his friend found elk and bear droppings.
I looked at google maps and there is nothing between the back side of our
neighborhood until you cross the Snake River deep into the mountains of 
eastern Oregon.  Thousands of stars at night.  Peaceful and serene.

I certainly have changed.  I use to be such a city girl consumed with clothes and
shoes and nightlife.  Now I'm the LL Bean boots gal stocking up on cast iron pots
and reproduction Campfire Marshmallow tins.  I like the new me much better!

Party on over at ~

Bentley ~ I wonder if there is such a thing as snow shoes for dogs?

Susan and Bentley

Monday, January 16, 2012

Indoor Gardening

It's cold outside.  We have not had any snow to soften the landscape outside and 
my yard looks gray and sad.  My Mom and I were looking at a lovely garden in
an old Traditional Home magazine yesterday and I started to dream about spring.

Spring is still a couple of months off, so I'll just be happy to satisfy my desire to
play in the dirt by doing a bit of indoor gardening.  

I took some florist wire and created a fairly sturdy hoop ...

and wound my ivy plant around it.  That makes me happier.  Oh, and don't you
love that miniature African Violet?  I sure do!

I wonder what Marty is doing today?

Okay Bentley ~ let's start painting my thrift shop desk!

Susan and Bentley

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Congratulations Genevieve!

Congrats Genevieve!  You may not have won the Miss America crown last night,
but you have won the hearts of those of us in Idaho!

Genevieve's mom, Mary Beth, is a friend of mine. Mary Beth has told me of 
all the work Genevieve has done to raise the self esteem of young women all over
this country.  I am very proud that Genevieve represented the state of Idaho in
the Miss America pageant last night!   You have a bright future ahead of you
Genevieve and we are proud of you!

Bentley is too!!

Susan and Bentley

Putting My Life Into Focus

I received a new camera for Christmas.  I have started taking pics and am trying to 
get used to all the features.  I never had any features with my old one.  It was very
antiquated and although I love vintage ~ new technology has it's place in my world

Hopefully this camera will bring my life around the cottage into better focus.

I'll be able to take movies too ~ so plan on viewing the antics of Bentley
in the coming months.  He is quite a little ham.

I think I will need a tripod too.  Oh and it always helps ...

to read the instructions!  While I do that ... please visit ~

Bentley ~ are you camera ready?

Susan and Bentley

Friday, January 13, 2012

Heart You

A little surprise inside just for you!

Open the lid.

We heart you!
Bentley and I want you all to know how much we appreciate
your friendship!

We heart Pink Saturday too.

Bentley ~ I do believe your groomer is coming over today to give
you a trim.  Maybe she will bring Daisy with her.

Susan and Bentley

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Taking Time for Me

Life moves at a faster pace these days ~ at least it does for me.
I am always rushing around.  Every day seems to be jam packed with 
obligations and responsibilities.  I seldom sit down and just relax.

But today I have vowed to take a few minutes just for me.  

Care to join me?  I'll put the kettle on.  Bentley will curl up in your lap and maybe
show off a trick or two.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pull Up A Chair And Get Creative

Every creative space needs a chair and here is mine.  I painted this
sweet little vintage chair white and added a thrift shop cushion.

Of course I always feel the need to accessorize, so I'll be adding this
adorable thrift shop plate that was a gift from my friend Maria, and this
little mini wicker chair to the mix.  You know how much I love minis
especially miniature chairs.

Bentley ~ what do you think ~ should I add your great grandmother's  cat
to my creative space?  I'm just teasing Bentley.  I know how you feel about
cats!  I will have to think of a way to incorporate this matelasse throw.

Next I will start painting my desk.  I paid a full $5.00 for it at a junk yard.
It's kind of funky ~ but I love it!  Hope to show it to you soon.

I am joining

White Wednesday
Wow Us Wednesday

Really Bentley ~ I promise no cats, not even ceramic ones!

Susan and Bentley


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