Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Violet Love

Late this afternoon it began to feel like spring might just be 
on it's way.  While it's still pretty chilly out, the sun was
shining brightly and the persistent winds stopped.  

It gave me hope!

So I pulled out some of my favorite violet pieces and began to
set a table to reflect my current mood.  Some of these pieces
belonged to my grandmother.

I am so looking forward to the wild violets that appear in my yard
each spring.  So pretty and ...

So romantic too don't you think?

I am happily joining ~

Bentley is happy because I kept the kitchen door open for him
to run in and out a bit this afternoon.  He loves that!

Susan and Bentley

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yee Haw ~ Just Look at These Boots!

My hubby had the King Ranch Saddle Shop catalog sent to me.
These boots are on page 35
Turquoise Cobra Boots.  
Yee Haw ~ I love them!
If anyone is paying attention, I wear a size 6.

Bentley ~ Momma has a birthday coming up in July.
We have 4 and 1/2 months to leave some hints!

Susan and Bentley

Monday, February 25, 2013

Cath Kidston Style Tweaking

When I first showed you some of my farmhouse mini kitchen,
Carol over at An Oasis in the Desert said she would add a bit of
turquoise to the color scheme.  So I did.  I made reversible seat 
cushions with a Riley Blake fabric.  It's so fresh and fun.

I made the sink skirt out of the same fabric and added a 
sign above.

I made a floor cloth and a runner too.  Now is has a 
Cath Kidston theme.   It makes me think of
Happy Loves Rosie  too.  She has such a cheerful site.

That's all the tweaking for today.  In the meantime I am ...

Happily Joining ~

Okay Bentley ~ lets get busy in our real cottage.  We have been
spending lots of time in the mini kitchen and we  need to start thinking
about a full size dinner for tonight.

Susan and Bentley

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Come For Tea at the Farmhouse Mini Table

My new farmhouse kitchen table and chairs have arrived for
my mini kitchen.  I have been wanting these for a long time.

The chairs arrived with just a clear finish, but I had to tweak them,
so I painted them red.  What can I say?  It's the designer in me.
Or shall I say the mini designer???

The postman (Harald, Bentley's best friend) delivered them just 
after I finished making this little apron for my kitchen.  It was
so much fun to make.  I know I will be making many more!

And here is my new tea set.  I just realized that I can start
creating mini tablescapes now.  Oh dear, that means more dishes!
My poor hubby will be sighing for sure.

Happily Joining ~

Bentley ~ did you have a nice visit with Harald? 
And you know, Harald will probably be delivering
mini dishes from time to time.  Soften the blow to Daddy

Susan and Bentley

Friday, February 22, 2013

Baskets and Pillows Follow Me Home ~ Really!

Okay girls ~ I know your husbands ask the same question at your
little cottage ~
"Why do we have so many baskets and pillows?"

This girl just can't help herself.

Time after time, at thrift shops, consignment shops, antique shops
and oh better keep me out of Pottery Barn ...
I see another one and just can't resist.  

Even the little itty bitty ones.  For me, every day is
a basket and pillow love fest!

Happily Joining ~

A Favorite Thing
Homemaking Link

Bentley wants me to keep the doors open so that he can
run freely in and out of the cottage.  Can't seem to
convince him that it's just too cold.  Bentley is being stubborn
about it, but so am I.  Bentley doesn't pay gas bill.  He
doesn't have a job :-)

Susan and Bentley

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Looking For A Good Book? May I Recommend ...

I just finished reading A Good American by Alex George.
My advice to you is to pick up a copy,

 make a pot of coffee or tea and curl up in a cozy chair for
the chance to be drawn into the sometimes funny,
sometimes tragic but always endearing lives of Frederick, Jette and
 their family.  Frederick, always the romantic, serenades his way
 into the heart of the practical Jette.  Their passion has the suspected
consequences and they soon find themselves about to be parents. 
Frederick has few prospects and no family.  Jette's life is controlled
by a domineering yet aloof mother.  What do they do?  Jette steals
a family treasure to ensure their passage to a land of hope and 
promise ~ America.

When they board the boat for America, they believe that they are
going to New York.  They soon discover that their destination will be
the port of New Orleans.  While Jette suffers through sea sickness and the
rigors of pregnancy, Frederick is busy making contacts on board and 
planning their future.  After two weeks at sea they enter the 
Gulf of Mexico.  Frederick studies the land he sees on the horizon
and his excitement about the opportunities that lie ahead are infectious.

Upon reaching New Orleans they take a Mississippi river boat
up river to Missouri because Frederick has learned that there are many
Germans living in Missouri and finding a job in the state will be easy.
On route, Jette delivers their first child and this new family
is helped by new friends in this new land who help shape their future.

Despite their enthusiasm, they soon discover that life in this new land is not 
without it's problems.  Jette must deal with the guilt of stealing from the 
parents she left behind in Germany.  While Frederick works to build their 
 future, Jette stiffens. The music that Frederick once used to serenade
 her no longer catches her heart and their devotion to one another begins
 to fade.  Two world wars, floods, racial discord and death enter the
 lives of these two young lovers from Hanover as we follow the
two generations their love spawns.  Yet always, the musical talent
 inherited from Frederick weaves a common thread in their story. 

I hope you will take the time to obtain a copy of this book
and enjoy it's magic.  Perhaps it will renew the interest in your
own family's history.  It certainly did for me.  After all, we are
all the children of ancestors who once made their way to 
this country to become good Americans.  It is our common thread.

Click this link to read what others are saying about this 
excellent novel by Alex George.  Disclaimer ~ This is a paid review for
BlogHer Book Club but the opinions are my own.

Susan and Bentley

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Farm Fresh Kitchen Minis

I am getting ready to put together my dollhouse and of course,
I immediately start thinking about decorating.   The house isn't
even constructed, but I am trying to decide on the colors for the
kitchen.  I have thought about a shabby chic kitchen with lots
of soft pinks and greens.  Then I started to think about a farmhouse
kitchen with a red and white color scheme.

So I bought some polymer clay and shaped, baked and painted my own
dishes in red and white.  I made a little pie plate and some tea towels too.
Oh and I made a little country sign for the top of the hutch.

While I like the red and white, I am still not certain.  What do you
think I should do?


I can tell you one thing for sure ...
I had lots of fun creating today!

Happily Joining ~

Bentley was very mad today when a squirrel was pulling
stuffing out of one the the chairs on our front porch to
use in her nest.  I think I'm going to put out some nesting
material that I won't mind her using.

Susan and Bentley

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Inspired by Country Living

Today on I was on my way to Michaels to pick up some polymer clay
because I have decided that I want to try making some dishes for
my miniature dollhouse.  Of course I had to stop at a favorite antique
mall and look what I saw ...
a vintage library card catalog painted the loveliest shade of blue.
It's low enough to use as a coffee table.  Vintage card catalogs are
so popular right now.  I am sure that Country Living magazine has
helped to fuel that interest. 

And this wonderful armoire.

And a great farmhouse table ~ great chairs too.

Love, love, love this chippy Hoosier!

You all know the romantic in me would be drawn to
these sweet cups.

And this transferware.

And my new current fave ~ vintage pillow protectors.

Oh and this handled tray.  I really needed to restrain myself
with this one.  I had to keep reminding myself of the budget.

Happily Joining ~

Bentley has spent the past two days enjoying the mild 
weather and bringing in twigs and leaves.  The mop and 
vacuum are working overtime!

Susan and Bentley

Friday, February 15, 2013

Latest Addition to My Studio

I found the McCoy vase at a thrift shop recently.
I think it will be perfect for holding colored pencils and more.
It's my new favorite thing!

My little studio has become my place to dream.  I have been thinking
so much lately about enriching my life and I have decided ...

to start sketching and painting again.  I am going to paint a
shabby chic interior for my studio.  As soon as I finish it and
have it framed,  I will let you see it.  Until then ...

I am happily joining ~

It's warm and sunny outside this morning and Bentley
is having so much fun in the yard.  I love to see him so happy!

Susan and Bentley

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be Ours

From our little cottage to yours ...

We wish you a very ...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happily Joining ~

Big Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Monday, February 11, 2013

Tweaking the Love Nest

I tweaked a shabby little birdcage to give two love birds
a special place to next for Valentine's Day.

Let's open the door and take a peek inside.

There they are ~ two little love birds on a perch.

So romantic, don't you think?

Perched over a dinner of Valentine hearts.

I suppose we should let them have their privacy ;-)

Happily Joining ~

Bentley ~ want to help your momma finish painting the
library stack?  No???  You would rather play outside.
Males never want to help with the painting in this house!

Susan and Bentley

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Valentine Mosaic

A Valentine Mosaic
From Us
To You!

Happily Joining ~ 

Big Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weekend Finds

Today I ventured out into the cold to visit an antique mall I have
never been to before.  I saw these wonderful blue and white drawers.

Inside is a blue and white transferware bowl and some cute
blue and white towels.

But then I found this!  A Rose Chintz cup and saucer by
Johnson Bros.  This pattern is my newest passion.  I am quite sure
that more of this pattern will start finding it's way into my cottage.

It will make the perfect cup to enjoy some hot tea from while
I pour over the newest copy of Miniature Collector magazine.
Well that's what I have been doing today.  What did you do?

Happily Joining ~

Bentley ~ I am making spaghetti for dinner tonight.
Your favorite!

Susan and Bentley

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rise 'N Shine Valentine

Rise 'n shine Valentine!  I have made some breakfast for you.
You don't even have to get out of bed because I will bring
you a tray.

I put a little cozy over your egg to keep it warm.

And I made you some heart shaped toast with strawberry jam.
Isn't this vintage Valentine cute?  My friend Maria gave it to me
along with some others.  She is in Portland right now shopping up
a storm.  Have fun Maria!  Can't wait to see what you bring home.


Here is a cage free organic soft boiled egg for you.

Everyone needs a cozy.

Don't you love this holiday?  I sure do.
It's a favorite for sure.

Happily Joining ~

Bentley ~ can I make you a soft boiled egg too?
Do you want yours mixed with some little strips of toast?
Of course he does!

Valentine Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


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