Monday, April 30, 2012

Potting Bench Sneak Preview

Right off my back porch, I have a little herb garden.  I am always puttering around
there because I love to nurture the fragrant herbs and snip them for recipes.
Although I have a potting shed, I also wanted a spot to keep some essentials close
by and to provide a backdrop for the herb garden.

So I have created a potting bench from a ....  (it's a surprize), but I am only going to
give you a sneak peak today.  As you can see ...

my creation started with a thrift shop find and then just kept on growing.
Woops ~ bad pun.  Why do I do that?  Can't really help it, I am the
queen of bad puns.  Anyway, the weather here has been really rainy, so I have
to step out for pics between the raindrops.  

But ...

Tomorrow I will (hopefully) be taking lots of pics to show you all my whole
herb garden ~ potting bench and all.  In the meantime, check out that 
Arugula in the basket.  I'll be snipping that off for a salad with cannellini beans
and chopped shallots tossed with a vinaigrette.  Yummo!

So until tomorrow ~ stop by and visit ~


Bentley has dirty paws.  He has been racing through the garden beds
chasing the squirrels.  Maybe we need an outdoor shower!

Susan and Bentley

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Primp Up Your Porch With Mod Podge

Last summer I found this tin bucket at a thrift shop.  I used it for a fish
theme tablescape once, but always knew that I would eventually
paint it and perhaps use it on the porch to hold gladiolas and hollyhocks.

But then I saw a picture of a galvanized tub that had been covered with
fabric and knew that I wanted to do the same.  So I gave the whole bucket a coat
of celery green paint and used some left over fabric from a porch pillow project.
Out came the Mod Podge and voila ~ a shabby chic flower bucket.

It was a quick and easy project for a big transformation.
Now I just need to go out and replenish my Mod Podge supply.

Happy Monday everyone!

Come to think of it Bentley ~ I could cut out puppy pics and 
Mod Podge them to your dog dishes.  What do you think?

Susan and Bentley

Friday, April 27, 2012

A Petite Pink Pincushion

I had some fabric scraps and decided to make my first pincushion.
It's not perfect, but I still think it is cute.

It certainly was fun to make and now that I have given it a try,
expect to see more pincushion creations from me.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to coax my miniature 
African violet to produce blooms?  I feed it once a week with food
especially for African violets.  I water from the bottom.  I put it near a
window to give it plenty of light.  I turn it a quarter turn each day.
I talk to it and give it lots of encouragement ... but no blooms yet.
It's so adorable and it was full of blooms when I bought it, but none

Have a fun weekend everyone and be sure to stop by to visit
Beverly for ~

Bentley ~ I just received a text message from Tina.  If
she can make it she will stop by and give you a haircut today.
Try very hard to be a good boy when she comes over!

Susan and Bentley

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Garden Clog Lunch

Thank you so much for all of the prayers and good thoughts for both my Mom and
for me.  Your prayers worked miracles.  Although we were close to losing her, the
team of doctors and nurses on her case were able to pull her through.  She is
back home now, is recovering and is gaining back her strength.  It was a very
frightening experience and the lesson learned is to consider each and every
day a gift and not to waste a moment of this precious life.

I have missed posting and am happy to show you my spring garden clog luncheon
table.  I got the idea while working out in my garden wearing my clogs.
I love them.  I can get them dirty and rinse them off with the hose.  I have been
carving out a bit of time here and there to get my hands dirty.  It is so 
therapeutic and fun!

I see that blogger has changed the posting format again, so I hope that this
post comes out without a hitch.  Isn't it amazing what happens in the blog world
when one is absent for just one week?

Thank you again for all of your kind words because they gave me strength and
encouragement to face each day.  I hope to be back on track now and posting and
visiting all of you.  

I am linking up to

Bentley ~ you are glad that your grandma is home from the hospital too.

Susan and Bentley

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request

Yesterday I spent most of the day with my Mom in the emergency
room of St. Luke's Hospital.  After many tests, the doctors have 
determined that she has congestive heart failure.  The prognosis is
not very good.

My Daddy died a bit less than two years ago.  I'm hoping that I can
have a few more years to spend with my Mom.  I am her only child and we
are very close.  She took such wonderful care of Daddy while he suffered
for several years from Alzheimer's.  It's now my turn to take good care
of her.

I believe that when two or more come together in prayer, the best 
outcome will happen.   I am asking for your prayers so Mom and I 
can have a few more quality years together.  Thank you.

Big Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A New Flower Studio Blooming in Town

There is the cutest new flower studio in my neighborhood and it's called ...

1220 W State Street
Boise, Idaho 83702

An old service stationed was converted into a delightful place to 
shop for flowers and garden accessories.  I am crazy about this wicker
cart.  I don't really need it, but I sure do want it!

Everything is so charming.  

Don't you love the Gerber Daisies?

Y'all know I immediately thought of Lynn from Happier Than A Pig in Mud 
when I saw this pink pig!

I am so happy that Julie decided to open up her new
shop so close by.

You know that I will be visiting often.

That was some lovely inspiration ~ now back to gardening!

Be sure to stop by and visit

Bentley ~ I think we need a Yorkie weathervane for our house!

Susan and Bentley

Monday, April 16, 2012

My Spring Garden Tool Box

I am always so happy to be planting at this time of year.  My chippy tool box
that was filled with bunnies and eggs for Easter, is now being used to tote
around seeds and plants for the garden.

I just stopped at my local co-op to pick up a flat leaf parsley plant.
My herb garden is just off our back porch and it's always such a joy to
snip fresh herbs for cooking.  I add parsley to everything I can.

I picked up some organic heirloom lettuce.  I plan to fill the old whisky barrel with
lettuce this spring.  Much cheaper than buying lettuce at the store.

 Oh and our bank has been handing out wild flower seeds.  What a sweet idea and 
what fun to sprinkle around!

It is raining very softly right now.  If I put on my gardening clogs and a hat I 
should be fine to plant for a bit.  Oh how I love the spring.  Despite the fact
that I already have a big blister on the palm of my hand from yesterday's
gardening chores, I am bandaged and ready to get out there again.
Shear joy!

Please remember to visit Marty for

and Linda for

Bentley actually likes to nibble on the herbs in our garden.
He is my little canine gourmand!

Susan and Bentley

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I've Been Junking Again!

What will I do with this?  

I have plans.  Stay tuned!

I'm sorry Bentley ~ I do not plan to turn it into a treatie storage chest.

Susan and Bentley

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Feminine Touch

There are lots of feminine touches in my cottage.

Fortunately my hubby does not mind.

When he is overwhelmed by my decorating he goes out
and plays a round of golf.

His golf league just started the spring season this afternoon.
Guess what I am doing ...


Bentley goes out and chases squirrels while I am decorating
inside.  He checks up on my progress every 15 minutes or so.

Susan and Bentley

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jumping Up and Down for Johnny Jump-Ups

Violas ~ or as they are also called ~ Johnny Jump Ups.
Such adorable little faces.

They make me HAPPY!

I have a big project I am working on.  
I'll give you a hint ...

it's a potting "bench".  I hope to have it ready to share with you soon
and the funny story of how I came to find it.

It's all part of the gardening obsession I am going through 
right now.

I blame it on the joy of Spring!

Bentley feels the joy too.  The only way I can coax him inside is
with a peanut butter treatie.

Susan and Bentley

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Can't Wait to Show You My Recycled Can Lamp

I love little lamps.  I love to use them in bookcases and nooks to
give a soft glow in a room.   I found a thrift shop shade.  A tiny one with
a white pleated shade.  I pulled out a little lamp ~ one of the ones I use
in the windows at Christmas time.  Sorted through the recycle bin for an
old can and searched for scraps of fabric and ribbon and some vintage
buttons.  Painted the can and the base of the lamp, got out the glue gun ~

Voila ~ a new little lamp.

My hubby will tease me.  He says we should notify the power
company and warn them of a power surge every night before we
go to bed.  It will be just one more light to turn out before we 
turn in.

I don't care though.  I think it's cute and I am going to 
show it off on


Bentley ~ do you need a little lamp by your dog bed?

Susan and Bentley

Monday, April 9, 2012

Fairy Dust

Last evening I spotted a fairy in my garden.  She blew some fairy dust my 
way.  I am sending some to you.

You may put some in a bottle ...

Or gather some in your skirt.  Save some for yourself and
spread the rest around.  Wishing you a magical Monday.
May all your wishes come true.

Joining ~

Mod Mix Monday

Bentley saw one of his doggie relatives yesterday.  She's a feisty
little Yorkie named Cookie.  She is cute as a button!

Big Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wishing You a Happy Easter

The temps went down to freezing last night.  I checked on my daffodils and
tulips and they seemed to withstand the cold.  The plum trees all over town
are blooming and they are such a welcoming sight proving to us that 
spring has arrived despite the crazy weather.  

This pair of vintage lamb salt and pepper shakers have been in my
cottage for several years now.  They are chippy and worn, but I fell in
love with them.  I still recall the day I bought them at a little antique
shop in my neighborhood.  I remember the look on the dealer's face
when I bought them, as if to say "why would she want those?"

I have not decided on what to serve for Easter dinner.  Should I 
roast a leg of lamb or should we have ham this year?  I saw some lovely
racks of lamb at the butcher counter yesterday.  Asparagus is always on
the Easter menu regardless of what else I serve.  Some tiny rolls with 
a compounded butter mixed with fine herbs would be nice.  I better 
make my decision today so that I can get my shopping done.

I am off to my Mom's house this morning to oversee the latest installment
of her kitchen remodel.  I have the carpenters scheduled to start the trim work.
We are beefing up the crown molding in the dining room too.  It will be a 
busy day.  

Bentley and I wish you and yours a Blessed Easter.  We will be spending
time with family and will see you all next week.

Until then we are joining ~


Bentley ~ let's head over to grandma's house and watch the saw dust fly!

Susan and Bentley

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Help ~ I Need a Crate Intervention!

This is the third crate I have decorated.  I love this heavy rope handle.
I went with a French theme on this one, painting it black, distressing it a bit
and adding a vintage French label from the The Graphics Fairy.  

I just love the look of black contrasted with the naturals of the 
baskets, demijohns and corks.

I have three more crates waiting in the wings.  I know they will speak to me
and let me know how they want to be decorated.

Do you think I have a problem?  

I just might ~ I have become crate crazed.
Crates are actually speaking to me.  Fortunately our neighbor is
a psychiatrist.  If things get too out of hand David can ask him
to schedule an intervention.  Until then, I'll just keep pimping my crates.

I don't know if anyone will be wowed by this or not, but I am
headed over to Kim's to join

and over to

Bentley ~ you don't think Momma is a little off do you??
Please say no.

Susan and Bentley


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