Thursday, June 29, 2017

Texas Style 4th of July Picnic

Hey Y'all!  We celebrate the 4th of July down in Texas in a big way.
Now, if you are moseying around my town, you will see both the flag of
the United States of America everywhere and of course our Lone Star state flag.
While we are proud to be Texans, we are proud to be Americans too.
So let's have a picnic to celebrate our independence and our good fortune to
live in this great country!

Ever since I got jazzed about creating a cowgirl up cottage, I have gone full
speed ahead in upping my cowgirl decor.  I swear, I feel like a little girl again
dreaming about riding the trails on my pony.

I keep finding the cutest fabrics :-)

So come on over and make yourself comfy.  Bow your head, and say
a prayer thanking Our Lord that we are so blessed to live in this
great country!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I Need Your Opinion

If you have been reading my blog recently, you know that I have decided
to change the interior of my shed from potting shed decor to a western
theme.  I have been collecting bits and pieces of cowgirl chic and will 
be using some furniture I already own.  After having a couple of 
discussions with my hubby, he is thinking that maybe we should 
take the existing shed down and putting up a new one.  

Now, one would think that I would be jumping up and down to
get a new, bigger and better shed.  However, I am torn.  I am not
sure what I want and now am concerned that this whole process may
take longer than I want.  Unfortunately for me, I am one of those
who wants what I want, when I want it and let's just say that
when an idea pops into my brain, it's full speed ahead.

I purchased five gallons of paint already to paint the interior.  I'm
sure I could use that paint in a new shed, so it won't be a loss.  Currently,
there are no windows in the shed and David has assured me that he can
easily cut some in and install whatever kind I want.  That will be
great.  I have seen some that have front porches.  That would be cute too,
but I am also thinking that the porch will cut down on the interior space.
This shed is currently in it's own space behind our garage and to the side of 
the house.  I don't think the space available will allow me to go too
much bigger, but David thinks we could move it over closer to where 
you see the tree and the ginger on the right.  

So I'm going to show you some sheds and I would like your opinion
on what features y'all feel are best ....

This is really cute, but the front porch is not all that big and I would be
loosing interior space.  Aesthetic wise it is a charmer though.

I went into a shed like this one over at a local vendor.  I like the transom
window because of the appearance and the fact that it will bring in more
light.  When I went inside it did feel a bit larger.

I do like this style.  More windows plus the transom.

The gambrel style roof is nice too because it makes the interior feel
more spacious.

Of course, I could spend some of the money I would spend on a new
shed making some improvements to the existing one.  Windows can
easily be added and maybe installing shiplap in the interior, upgrading
the flooring and adding electric and air conditioning.  I could make 
it very cowgirl posh and be more resourceful.

So let me know what you think.  I'll be anxious to 
hear from y'all!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Monday, June 26, 2017

Have You Lost Your Blogging Passion?

When I first started my blog, I loved it and nurtured it and focused on
it daily.  As my blogging world grew, I met so many new people who
shared this passion and the excitement level was always on high.  There 
were parties to join and themes that provided the chance to share
creations.  It was a whirlwind of happy activity and my life revolved
around it.

I remember people asking me ~ what is a blog and what will this do
for you?  In the early days of this blog, I didn't know what I expected,
I just knew that I loved reading blogs and wanted to be part of the
whole scene.  

It was like tending a garden and watching seeds grow.  There was the
thrill of seeing what was once one little blog post, grow into many new
posts and readers.  In those early days, every activity became a potential
blog post.   My husband teased me about it continually.  I cannot tell 
you how many times I heard him say Is this a blog post???  As the days
and weeks went by, my Mom got involved in the excitement too.  She
would call and say What do you think about this idea for a blog post?
The whole family was immersed in this new world.

Just when I thought I had run out of ideas, another holiday or season 
rolled around and suddenly the creative juices were on high alert.  I 
could hardly wait to pull out dishes and props and set the scene for yet
another vignette.  If creativity is a drug, vignettes became my vehicle
to ecstasy.  Every shopping trip became an expedition for new props
that would add to my cache of creations.  Suddenly my cabinets were
overflowing with necessary items to convey a mood or party theme.

Blogging has it's seasons too.  There comes a time when the life and 
vibrancy of a blog begins to wain.  The creative light begins to dim and
the enthusiasm starts to slip away.  Many of the blogs I once followed have
disappeared.  Some bloggers have changed their formats and others have
just hung up their aprons.  

Technology has changed everything too.  Everything is faster and blogs
begin to pale in comparison to formats like Instagram and Facebook where
the response is quick and the posting is seemingly effortless.  I used to carry
a small camera with me everywhere to snap pics.  I used my Cannon to 
work at home.  There were so many more steps involved in creating a 
blog post.  Now I use my iPhone for photos and editing and speedy uploads
to a variety of social media platforms.  It's changed my world completely.

In a way, blogging has become like letter writing.  We don't write letters
as we once did.  We text and share our news on Facebook, yet receiving a
hand written note brings us so much closer to the author.  It's personal, it's 
lasting, it stays in our memory longer than a text.  The carefully formed 
letters on a piece of stationary are unique to it's writer and become treasured
more and more by it's recipient as the years pass.

While my passion for blogging has taken a vacation recently,  I have
decided that there still is a place for it in my life.  It is evolving just as
the world is evolving around me.  It may not be speedy or shiny and
bright as some new platforms, but it still has a place in my heart and 
hope that it will in yours too.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Retro Cocktails

I mostly drink wine these days if I am having an alcoholic beverage,
but there is something to be said for the retro cocktail.  I inherited these
great 1960's era cocktail glasses from my parents.  They used to love
inviting friends over for cocktail parties.  Everyone dressed up in their
party clothes and stood around with a glass that always seemed to be
garnished with a slice of citrus, cocktail onions, olives or a cherry.

Mom passed around little silver trays filled with canap├ęs and hors d'oeuvres.
There was always music in the background and lots of laughter.  As a young
girl, I was allowed to say my hellos to everyone and then disappear up the
stairs to the TV room on the second floor.  I dreamed of one day being so
grown-up and sophisticated :-)

As an adult, I don't know if I have ever felt quite as sophisticated as my
parents and their friends used to be, but I still enjoy pulling out some of their
cocktail party ware and living the old school life for an evening.  In fact, I 
think it would be really fun to plan an evening like that with our new friends
here in Texas.   Until then, I think I will prepare some retro appetizers for
our weekly appetizer Saturday night.  Let me know if you want me to
share the recipes.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Adorable Pup All Grown Up

Do you remember the adorable little lost puppy that Bentley and I found
on one of our nightly walks last fall?  The poor little guy was hiding behind 
a bush in a neighbor's side yard.  He was scared and lonely and 
came running out and clung to my leg for protection.

We took him home.  Bentley wasn't too thrilled about it, but the
dear little guy needed the safety of a home and some food in his little
belly until we could find his owners.

I named him Andrew.

Of course, Andrew stole my heart.  We learned he had not been micro-chipped
and we asked around the neighborhood and no one knew anything about
him.  Trust me, I wanted to keep him, but I knew it would not be fair to
Bentley who is an old dog now.  I didn't want Bentley to think he was being
replaced by some cute young pup.  The answer was to find this little guy
a new loving family.

Look at this face!  Honestly, how could you not fall head over heels for him???

With the help of my friend and neighbor, a potential family was found.  They
came over to meet the little guy and they were just as smitten as I was.
Karen and Jacob are dog lovers and received a good review from friends.
It was time for me to say my goodbyes and send little Andrew off to his 
forever home.  

Tears, tears, tears :-(  I had to be brave and kept telling myself it was the
best solution.  

Andrew's name was changed to Chewie (Chewbacca) after the Star Wars
character.  And here he is now, all grown up ....

 He is happy in his forever home with his loving family.
That family is about to get bigger any minute now because Karen and
Jacob will soon be first time parents of a little girl.  

Don't you just love happy endings?  I sure do!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Monday, June 19, 2017

Cowgirl Up Metamorphosis

I am changing the decor of my little shed from garden/potting shed decor 
to cowgirl decor.  I felt the need for a change and also to embrace my
inner cowgirl.  

I have been gathering up the elements to make the transition.  I already
have many of them, but I am adding to the pile.  The only time I have
enjoyed myself as much is when I have been working on my miniatures.

It's going to be a amalgam of country, western and farmhouse elements.

I'll be sharing the progress with y'all.  Until then ....
Happy Trails to You!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Sunday, June 18, 2017

I Was Daddy's Little Girl

Today is Father's Day and it was seven years ago today that my Daddy passed
away.  He was the center of my universe.  I adored him and his memory lives
forever in my heart.

Most little girls think their daddy is the best one in the world.  That is how it
should be.  My parents were a bit older when I was born, and since I was the only
one, I always had their full attention.  My Mom was always the practical and more
serious of the two.  My Daddy, while a very successful and prominent business man
had the heart and soul of a child.  When I asked him to read me a bedtime story, he
gladly did so, but with a twist.  He knew that I had memorized the plot and all the
words of every story, so he would change all the words to keep me guessing.
Bedtime at our house was an hour filled with giggles and story line exaggerations.
I never knew what to expect, but knew it would be fun.

Daddy loved dogs and taught me to both love and respect them.  I received a 
puppy at age five, and she became a very important member of the family.
Daddy told me all the stories of all the dogs he had before I came along.
Our little Scottie, Bonnie was added to the list of VIDs ~ Very Important Dogs.

He was also a perfectionist and loved architecture.  When I asked for a tent
in the backyard, I not only received a tent, but one with a hardwood floor.
It was the coolest tent in the neighborhood :-)

Daddy also constructed a huge igloo out in our front yard one winter
that was big enough for me and all my friends, and of course, Bonnie too.

Daddy never thought that I was limited because I was a girl.  He told me that
I could do anything I put my mind to.  He encouraged me to follow my dreams
and to run my own race.  

Thank you Daddy!  I miss you so much and look forward to the day when
we will be together once again.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Thursday, June 15, 2017

A New Little Herb Garden

Hi strangers!  We are back home in Victoria after a wonderful and restful
trip to Austin.  We always have such a great time there.  This time, I made
a stop at the Red Barn Garden Center.  I was in heaven!  As I strolled along
with my garden cart I kept thinking how much will I be able to fit into our
vehicle???  I had to account for David's golf clubs and our luggage and 
Bentley's luggage.  None of us ever seem to travel light.  

Speaking of packing .... why oh why do I bring so many outfits and pairs
of shoes?  As I was packing to go home I realized just how many tops
and skirts and pairs of sandals I did not wear.  So silly to bring so much.
I should know better by now :-)

Back to herb gardens ~ the Red Barn had so many varieties, and everything
looked so healthy.  I was designing in my head where to put everything I
purchased.  I love fresh herbs from the garden.  I love the glorious fragrance 
they emit and so yummy in cooking and salads.

I remembered that I now have these cute little spatterware pots.  I gave these to my Mom
years ago to put on her kitchen windowsill over her sink.  I used a vintage coffee pot for
my Ice Plant.  Hopefully it will not be long before this blossoms out.

I put some sedum in a hanging pot along with a tiny birdhouse.  Y'all know I
am crazy for succulents!  Next time I am in Austin I will head back to the
Red Barn for some more.  Their selection is fabulous.

I'll tell you what I did to get a little more space for, my pots.  I had an
old kitchen cart that was sitting in the garage.  I was thinking of either
selling it or giving it to Goodwill, but then I had a brainstorm and 
decided that it would be perfect for my herbs.  Since it's on wheels, I 
can roll it around to get more or less sun as needed and I can keep snips
and trowels in the drawer and watering cans and more on the shelves
below.  Here it is ....

Isn't it handy?  I picked up another hibiscus too.  I have one in the front
of the house that has lovely ruby red blossoms.  This one is yellow.  These
do very well in this climate, so I will be planting this on on the side of the 
shed.  I will be showing you more later.  

We had a wonderful time up in Austin but now we are glad to be
back home again.  That's it for now.  I hope you are all well and happy!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Monday, June 5, 2017

Planter Boxes and Quiet Garden Spots

In my 1948 ranch style house there are lots of planter boxes in various spots
in the garden.  I have been busy filling them up.  We had two days of frost
last winter and we lost lots of plants.  The caladiums were particularly hard
hit, so I planted new bulbs and they have been filling in so quickly.  The 
planter box for these caladiums is about 18 feet long.   Just below this long
stretch is another lower planter box just at the edge of the patio.  It's a
quiet and peaceful spot and you can hear the trickle of water from the wall
fountain just above.

This spot can be enjoyed from both outside and inside too because the
windows in the family room over look it.

These little steps up to the guest bedroom are decked out in floral
arrangements now too.

I finished off the succulent planter.

This little trio is tucked away on the steps.

But before you reach the steps you must pass the Buddha.  It's a peaceful
figure in a shaded and quiet spot.  This garden Buddha belonged to my Mom
and Daddy.  They were both fascinated with Japanese gardens.  

We have hung three hummingbird planters and I am trying to keep them
happy by providing some of their favorites, Lantana and Vinca along with
the nectar.

Summer has arrived in South Texas.  The hot and humid days have
returned.  I need to take lots of breaks from gardening now, but it 
does not stop me completely.  The garden is my happy space and I 
can't stay away for long.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Our 28th Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 28th wedding anniversary.  I am stunned at how fast the 
years have passed.  We have survived many good times, and many sad
ones too.  We have lived through good economic years and some rough 
ones.  We have lived in Virginia, Idaho and now back to Texas.  All of
 our moves were big ones we managed to build a happy and healthy
home in each state.  

We held each other up as our parents passed away.  We cried together
through our miscarriages.    

We have enjoyed some really great travels together.  Summers up in 
David's family cottage in New Hampshire.  Winter visits to my parents
in Arizona.  Many, many trips during our years in Virginia to Williamsburg
and up and down the eastern seaboard.  When we moved to Idaho, we 
vacationed in Sun Valley and McCall and Seattle, Washington and 
Portland, Oregon.  We also spent a lot of time on the Oregon Coast.

We made trips to California, San Francisco, La Jolla and Palm Springs.
Now that we are back in Texas, we often travel to Houston, San Antonio
and Austin.  We have always traveled with our Yorkies, first Bitterman,
then Binkie and now Bentley.

I can't imagine my life without David.  Our lives have settled into one of
happy contentment and I love him dearly.  

I read that the divorce rate has dropped in recent years.  It's still high, 
but it's an improvement.  Here is the link to the article.  To young marrieds
I have these words of wisdom.  Cherish your marriage.  Laugh and enjoy
each other's company.  Hold each up when times get rough, and they will.
Build a solid nest to share and enjoy each moment, because the years go
by so quickly.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


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