Monday, April 18, 2011

Gallery Wall

Here is a peek at a gallery wall in my Mom's solarium.
It's fun to use things you already have in different ways
and we had some fun playing with frames.

Several of you asked about the Franklin stove painting
project. Here are some answers to your

These little stoves do function as fairly powerful heaters.
A heating unit under the stove is what produces the heat.
I DID NOT paint this heating unit. I carefully masked it off
with plastic before painting to ensure that none of the
paint seeped through to this unit.

There is a light inside the door that goes on to create what
appears to be flames behind the door, just like you would
see in a real wood stove.

The paint I used on this piece was Krylon indoor/outdoor
spray paint in Celery and it is a gloss finish. I usually like to
use a satin finish, but for this piece I wanted to simulate the
baked on enamel finish often found on more expensive

I think it would be fun to paint one of these in red! But it
would be fun to have one in turquoise or even pink.

Bentley ~ I promise not to paint any of your toys!!

Susan and Bentley


  1. I fell in love with the celery-covered stove and even made my husband come see that post. The frames in your Mom's solarium are a beautiful touch. What a lovely room.

  2. The frames in your Mom's solarium look wonderful. That stone is fantastic. I LOVE that colour ;-)

  3. Your header looks pretty! Bentley, did you do that? When may we we see the rest of your mom's solarium?

  4. I have one of those in black-I just might have to pick a color and go for it....yours came out so great!
    thanks for all your well-wishes

  5. This looks lovely - beautiful green - very soothing and love the accents -
    Hope you're having a wonderful day,

  6. Hi Susan,
    I have enjoyed catching up with you today..I love how your stove turned out! Its so pretty and the color is so happy and fresh, you did a great job. I also love that you and Mom enjoyed a day of decorating. You have been one busy girl..
    Have a sweet day and big hugs for you,


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