Thursday, March 16, 2017

It Is Cruel to Wish Suffering For Someone Else

I read a very disturbing post on the Facebook newsfeed this
morning.  This person, who shall remain nameless, is obviously
very upset with our current president and went on to say that
she hoped he would suffer a massive stroke or a heart attack.

I do not generally discuss politics on this blog, nor do I intend
to start now.  I want this blog to be a cozy space and a safe haven
from the woes of the world.  While I realize that at one time or 
another we all have become discouraged or angered by the things
our leaders have said or done, I certainly have, must we sink to
cruelty to express our opinions or desires?  I sincerely hope not.
And if so, where does it end?  

My Christian faith teaches to forgive and turn the other cheek.
Karma teaches that what you put out comes back to you. 

Have you ever seen someone you love suffer from a massive stroke?
I have.  My Mom had one three years ago.  There was no chance of
saving her.  She spent the remaining nine days of her life confined to
a bed, unable to speak, unable to swallow.  She did not respond to 
anyone.  At times she would grimace and her hand would grab onto
the bedrail and shake in extreme pain.  The only thing that could be
done was to give her morphine via an IV and essentially wait for her
to die.  It was shear agony for me as I spent virtually every hour of 
those nine days sitting by her bedside knowing there was nothing
I could do to save her.   I would not wish this fate on anyone.

Or what about a massive heart attack?  My Daddy had one.  He was on
a business trip in Asia and passed out in the airport in Seoul, Korea.
The doctors had very little hope.  My Mom had to rush to the doctor
to have required vaccinations for an unexpected trip across the Pacific
to get to the hospital where he had been taken.  Can you imagine her
terror being alone and flying for hours across the ocean and not
knowing whether her husband would still be alive when she arrived?
When she did arrive, the prognosis was grim.  The kind staff at the
hospital arranged for her to stay in an adjoining room.  She spent six
weeks in that room while Daddy struggled to regain strength and stamina
to be able to return to the states.  It was truly a miracle that Daddy
did survive the attack and I am forever grateful to the wonderful
doctors and staff who looked after him and my Mom too.  Such lovely
people they were.

Not long after they returned to the states, my Grandfather, my Daddy's
father, died from a heart attack.  Daddy's doctor would not permit him
to make the trip hundreds of miles away to his father's funeral.  Daddy
lived with the regret of not being there to support my Grandmother 
when she needed her only son the most.  

Heart disease runs in my family on both sides.  My maternal
Grandmother died of a heart attack.  My Aunt had open heart surgery
in her 80's.  It was not an option despite her advanced age because
she had a heart valve prolapse and would have died a slow and
painful death had it not been repaired.  As it was, she was never
quite the same after the surgery.  Her valve was successfully repaired
but she had a sort of brain fog from the anesthesia that never left
her feeling whole ever again.

When one wishes ill health on someone they are also wishing the pain
and suffering for this person's family.  As one who has experienced the 
suffering of ill health of my loved ones, I would not want anyone to
experience the heartache I have known.

This being said, let us think carefully before we speak so harshly.
Our country gives us the chance to vote in or to vote out a president
every four years.  Whether one agrees or disagrees with the policies
and actions of a sitting president is their right.  To wish that
president to suffer a massive stroke or a devastating heart attack
is cruel and uncivilized.   That is my opinion and I stand behind it.
Treat others as you wish to be treated.  

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Well said and thank you for injecting compassion and serious reflection into this crazy culture we live in. If our president succeeds, our nation succeeds. If our nation succeeds, we succeed. How foolish to want for any other outcome. God bless our president and God bless America, my home sweet home.

    1. I love this country too and I only want good things for all of it's citizens.

  2. Well said, Susan. It seems that a huge amount of people have completely lost their perspective on this whole situation; it really boggles the mind. I've heard it said since this election that wishing our president would fail is like wishing the pilot would crash the plane we're all flying on. I, too, love this country and I hate to see people wishing us harm, especially our own citizens.

    Have a good weekend, Susan.



  3. Expressed beautifully. I fail to understand why these people are so far in the weeds.They need to get a grip and pull on their big boy/girl pants.

  4. Expressed beautifully. I fail to understand why these people are so far in the weeds.They need to get a grip and pull on their big boy/girl pants.

  5. Great post! The quote I like best says "Wishing the President to fail is like asking a pilot to crash a plane and we are all passengers on that plane". Don't know how long it is going to take these people to realize that wishing bad on the President affects us all in many ways.


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I think you can tell a great deal about people by the way they talk about and treat others. Thank you for a well written and thoughtful and compassionate post.

  8. The amount of hatred being spewed by people these days is quite disturbing. In every election, a large group of people are unhappy, but they deal with it and move on. This newly emerged venomous group needs to stop right now.

  9. I so agree. We should all be living by the Golden Rule in these trying times.

  10. Wishing harm on someone else is cruel. Thank you for sharing this post today, very well said.

  11. I find it so interesting that everyone is telling others to "think before they speak", etc. when the person they are speaking about does NOT EVER seem to do that for anyone else. If he has trouble it is only because he has gone so far out of his way to bring it on himself. And by extension, us.

    Maybe you all can find a way to get him to listen to YOU. Because we sure need for him to. Kindness? Not a concept that a rich, privileged old man will ever get. Only we will pay the price.

    1. Well, I guess you didn't gain anything from Susan's post...but sad you had to end with anger and name calling the same thing you claim he does.

    2. Well said Cathy! These intolerant people need a lesson in common sense ! THANK GOD for our new President! Restore law and order !

  12. I agree with you. We should hope our president no matter what party they are does a good job. I can't believe some people are so heartless.May God bless us all !!

  13. I have never left a comment before although I really enjoy your blog and beautiful pictures! But the hate that is surrounding us anymore is just unbelievable! These "people" should be so thankful they live in the United States and enjoy all that it encompasses...but of course they don't. Thank you for a very well written post.

  14. Your post was very well written, and I agree with everything you have said. I am a Trump supporter, and I don't usually speak about it, because it seems to bring out the worst in people that don't agree with me. He did get elected, because of our votes, so I too, wish people would give him a chance at least, instead of always being so negative. I am so sorry to hear of your Parents death, and the horrible deaths of your Grandmother and your Aunt. I know how much it hurts, even years later. May they rest in peace...Hugs to you, Bonnie in WI

    1. Well said! I am a Trump supporter too! People have completely gone off the rails opposing our President! Let's see! Huh! Bringing great jobs back to America! Ending corruption and lobbing ! Bringing God Back to our nation ! Trying to keep our country safe ! Restoring law and order ! Supporting law enforcement ! Helping our vets ! Strenthing our military ! Yah ! He's WAY out there ! Give me a break ! dO NOT understand the left mentality ! SO SAD !!!

  15. Amen Susan. I have never seen the amount of hate that our country is experiencing at this time. I have been through very similar circumstances with my mama and daddy and would NEVER wish anyone to go through it. You verbalized my feelings so beautifully and thank you for sharing this. God bless you.

  16. Extremely well said ... thank you for sharing ...

  17. First let me say that I fully understand the experience of watching a parent suffer and pass away. There is no way to reconcile the bitter words expressed when you know how devastating such an experience can be. I agree that the situation is dire, probably more than most people realize. To disagree with someone is not unusual, however, the behavior we have witnessed on the news, on line and in person, is beyond mere disagreement. There is a serious element of instability involved and those who choose to behave this way are revealing much more about themselves than they expect. That said, I have sympathy for anyone dealing with a serious illness or injury. The rabid people who cannot see beyond their own inappropriate behavior will soon discover, as we all do, that they are not special, they will get sick one day, they will watch someone they love suffer and die and no matter how many pink hats they have, they will not be protected from the consequences of their own making. Perhaps they will reconsider how their behavior has contributed to the outcome that they so strongly despise. Love the blog by the way!

  18. I don't comment often but this post has me in 100% agreement. It's so discouraging to see/hear the things that are being written/said about our President and his administration. And wishing for actual, physical harm on anyone is cruel!

  19. Best blog post I have read all week or MORE. Thanks. Sandra

  20. Hi Susan, Very well said and I too have witnessed both a stroke and a heart attack and wouldn't wish them on anyone. As a Christian, we are instructed to honor the position the person holds. I am so tired of those who were against the President mouthing off. Heaven knows I didn't sceam, rant or picket when Obama got into office. I wish people would just get on with life-they are acting like a bunch of teens or college students. Sorry-couldn't help myself. We all need to join together to pray for our country.

  21. I agree with your well written post. I have a friend who is acting almost deranged and I'm stunned and sickened by it. I didnt support President Obama, but never would I ever wish him ill. Something is very wrong.

    1. Totally in agreement with you. Some of the people I would never have expected are acting exactly as you described - deranged! I did my share of griping about President Obama but like you, never ever wished him or his family ill. I don't understand the hatred. God Bless President Trump and the United States. Thanks, Susan for your post. xo Nancy

    2. Totally agree With you guys ! The hatred and anger is terrible !

  22. Thank you & thanks to all who have responded civilly. So often comments degenerate quickly. I have never commented on your blog but I do enjoy it very much.

  23. So very very true. The sad part is this kind of thinking and talk is not new and didn't start with this president. Sigh.

  24. I know what it feel like to watch a loved one die slowly and painfully. My Mom had a heart attack when she was 63, several heart surgeries and at 68 she had a major stroke. She regained her physical self back but from that day my Mom was not able to speak. Oh she could say "how do you do" and very little else. Our names took her months to relearn. I watch the horror in her of how she could no longer speak, no longer share her emotions of joy or pain. I watch her whittle away when 5 years later she died a slow death from uterine cancer. There is non greater pain to watch someone you love died and each day there was a little less of them until their pain was finally gone and they were set free.

  25. Thank you for putting hateful wishes in true perspective. The moral failing of a leader is a sad thing to behold. It is not, however, an excuse to be so unrelenting in one's scorn. In my personal effort to live a life more pleasing to the Lord, I am completely aware of my failings and frailties as a human being. It helps me to not pull the trigger so quickly on someone else's shortcomings. One thing I notice is the "author" of this social malaise is NOT of God. Our neighbors are being stirred up by those who do not care about anyone but their own selfish ambitions. I caution us to first pray for our country and our leaders. Pray for wisdom and discernment. They need it and we need it. Thank you Susan, for giving us a forum to share our feeling in a healthy manner. I am so completely sorry you had to experience your parents heartache. But the experience forged a lovely person with much kindness. Again, thank you.

  26. The sentiments you speak of are becoming alarmingly, the normal for many people who 'disagree' and think that it is 'ok' to wish ill on the president. What is shocking is they go one step further and not only wish he would suffer this kind of pain, but even celebrities and well known people stage mock assasinations, and other heinous acts thinking it is funny, when it is downright sick and bordering on treason and sedition. I am beginning to wonder about people's mental stability in their ability to just disagree and wait for the next election. To become a society where it has become ok to wish suffering of this magnitude, I myself don't hold out much hope for our moral compass. It speaks alot about a person when they will say these things. I have witnessed a person going through massive heart attacks and much worse, it is not a pretty sight. I honestly pray for these people and hope they find some peace and sanity and most of all forgiveness. People blame the President for being hateful when actually I believe they are the ones stoking the hate against him. It would be nice if they would give him as much of a chance to succeed as they did President Obama.

  27. Thank you for speaking out. I am encouraged by the positive comments that you received.

  28. My brother had a massive stroke. Thankfully he survived but he lives with the daily struggle of not being able to communicate this thoughts in a timely fashion. He knows what he wants to say but can't. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. My heart goes out to you, knowing the losses you have suffered. I too have lost a dad to heart disease. My mom to cancer. Hugs to you.

  29. Well said, Susan! Thank you and God bless you. Your blog is such a joy.

  30. Wonderful post. I thoroughly enjoyed it and agree. And it's reassuring to hear so many reasonable people respond. It restores my faith to know there are still people who believe in common sense and respect.

  31. I hear what you are saying. Just yesterday I read a facebook post that wished a horrible medical issue to happen to our President. I made a comment to a friend that the more I see God being removed from our everyday lives they more cruel and ugly people's comment and actions become. I pray everyday for people rethink the way they speak to and about others. To put God back into their lives and to support our leaders.


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