Monday, April 4, 2011

It's A Cupboard Party!

This is my kind of party ~
A Cupboard Party!
Here is a glimpse of my blue antique hutch in the kitchen
filled with tea pots and cups, gravy boats and tole trays
and ...

Favorite little treasures.

Here is my open cupboard over the stove filled with plates
and bowls of all sizes with stainless and copper pots
hanging beneath. See that black stove pipe? It's from back
when there was a wood burning cook stove in the kitchen
years ago. I love it!

Here is a cupboard in the dining room. It's my hutch holding some
of my blue willow china.
David and I bought this while we lived in
Virginia. It was hand made by an Amish craftsman.

This is really a little shelf ~ but let's call it a cupboard filled with
treasured childhood books and toys.

Here's my little spice cupboard because we all need
a little spice in our lives!

Here is my little sewing cupboard. It's filled with bits of fabric
for quilts or sewing projects. It's out on the back porch where
the laundry and pantry are too.

Here is my quilt cupboard on the back porch. It's filled with some
extra quilts because in our cottage we think that there
are never too many quilts.

And here is a favorite vintage miniature cupboard
just because it's cute!

Thanks for coming to visit us!
Keep the party going by visiting
Shelia at Note Songs

Cupboards are fun aren't they Bentley?
Especially the cupboard that stores your treat jar!!

Susan and Bentley


  1. ok I thought my friend and I were the cupboard queens but I bow to the queen of all cupboards. I believe you have us beat.
    love them and all of your treasures.

  2. a girl can never have enough cupboards!! I love the fact you still have the stove pipe in your kitchen!

  3. Oh, Susan! What wonderful cupboards you have! Love seeing you dishes and treasures too! The little spice cupboard is darling! And, the little child one! Oh, be still my heart! It's so cute!
    Chloe Dawn sends Bentley some puppy kisses!
    Thank you so much, Susan, for coming to my party.
    You are a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Ooo, you have such fun and beautiful cupboards!!! I LOVE country cupboards!!!

  5. Your little dolly kitchen cabinet is the sweetest thing!! LOVE it!

  6. omigosh...i love all your cupboards, they are the cutest and filled with such pretty things!!

  7. Such cute cupboards - particularly the miniature one.

    - The Tablescaper

  8. you have some WONDERFUL cabinets! I didn't even think of some of mine! :) My favorite is the one with the hanging copper pieces! LOVE that one!

    Hi Bentley~!! Mele sends her best!!

  9. I love your cupboards and I really like what is stored and displayed in them...Christine

  10. You have so many pretty cupboards filled with all kinfd og treasures...I love them!

  11. LOL Susan, you have a cupboard for all occasions....I love it :D

    Ricki Jill

  12. Such wonderful cupboards....thanks for sharing...

  13. You have some very nice cupboards and I love your blue willow and the quilts.


  14. I love all you cupboards, but I'm drooling over your "spice" cabinet and your blue willow! Have a wonderful week. Please stop by for a slice of my Spring Multi-berry pie when you have a moment!


  15. Thanks for dropping by..I love all your cute cupboards..the spice one is my favorite..very cute! Come say hi any time ;D

  16. Great cupboards!! Love your collection of blue and whites!!


  17. Sophie and I are over here snooping now that we found you. Loving all of the cupboards. I really love the blue willow china. I want some of my own. Soph says that Bentley sure looks like he would be fun to play with. Thanks so much for stopping by our place. We are following you and Bent now.

  18. Oh what a delight to look at all those gorgeously neat and tidy cupboards, The blue willow china is just beautiful :)

  19. What fun to get a peek into your cupboards. Love that Amish piece filled with Blue Willow. ~ Sarah

  20. Susan, you and Bentley really have some wonderful goodies in your cupboards. I'm with Sarah... that Amish piece is fabulous, and I love Blue Willow, too. Blue and white is one of my all times favorites. Love your cute little stuff dog in the other cubby. SO cute! Thanks for sharing with us...


    Sheila :-0

  21. You have so many nice cupboards and lots of storage your quilts. Trish

  22. Hi Sisan,

    What pretty cupboards you have for us today. Love the little one with childhood toys. The miniature one is so cute! Thanks for sharing them.


  23. Both your hutches are stunning and your little ones are fabulous. I need a cupboard for my fabric also, but it needs to be much bigger than your. I love how you have everything displayed. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  24. Susan, all your cupboards are adorable. I love blue and white china and you have a lovely collection. The mini one is too cute! Can you believe I have no display cupboards at all? I must work on have inspired me. hugs♥olive

  25. Lovely cupboards! You have some great collections.


Bentley and I LOVE and read every comment.


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