Friday, March 3, 2017

The Calla Lilies Are in Bloom Again and Mama's Georgia Peach

I have not posted for a week now.  Sometimes life gets in the 
way of blogging.  I had electricians here installing new under-cabinet
lighting in the kitchen.  I had planned for puck lighting in the glass
door cabinets, but there were issues with the installation in that space,
so we scrapped that idea and will probably go with the new strip type 
lighting.  I am meeting with the designer tomorrow to work that out.

I finally had a chance to go to San Antonio to look at a new iMac.
My old one has been choosing to just shut off on its own.  I had
debated on whether to have it repaired or get a new one.  When I
went to the Apple store I checked out the new models in both the
21" and 27".  When I looked at my blog and my Pinterest
boards side by side, I was blown away by the size and clarity of the
27" screen and so it came home with me. I don't have it set up yet,
but will have it all set up in my office this weekend.  I have been 
using our MacBook for the last several weeks and although it's a
good laptop, the huge screen on the new iMac will be such a treat.

I purchased this calla lily at my HEB recently.  The flowers are
so pretty and delicate and I love their color.  When I look at them
I cannot help but be reminded of the Katharine Hepburn quote from
the movie Stage Door ...

The calla lilies are in bloom again, such a strange flower,
suitable to any occasion ....

As an old movie buff, my life seems to have been highlighted
by lines like these.  

I recently began a self-directed study of Southern literature.
I am reading both older and current Southern literature and have
become completely enchanted by its rich language and
culture.  In many ways, my own mama was a Southerner at
heart.  She loved to throw big parties and she always took so
much pride in her appearance.  She always had recipes for 
the trendiest appetizers and loved her silver and crystal.  She
had hostess gowns when they were popular and always wore
her pearls.  She was a Southern belle at heart who had just 
happened to have been born above the Mason-Dixon line.

Although my daddy was a Northerner from a long 
Pennsylvania and Ohio lineage, before my mama married my
daddy, she dated a man from the South whom she called
her Georgia Peach.  She told me the story of how she
almost ended up in Atlanta.

Daddy and my mama were dating for a short time and 
had a little tiff about something trivial and they broke up
for a couple of weeks.  Mama found out that daddy took
some other girl to the country club dance and mama told one
of her sorority sisters that she was mad.  So mama's sorority 
sister, Eleanor, suggested that she and my mama double date
with Eleanor's fiance's college buddy who was visiting from

This young man from Atlanta was charming,  very much
 the Southern gentleman, and was quite taken with my
mama.  Howard asked mama out for dinner every night he
was in town.  For Howard, it seemed to be a whirlwind romance,
but my mama was missing my future daddy.  Howard went
back to Atlanta and wrote to her every day, yet mama was
no longer smitten.  She and daddy made up, kept dating,
married and lived happily ever after.

For a few short weeks, mama dated her Georgia peach, but she
gave up any ideas of being a Southern belle when she married
a Northern born and raised man who later became my beloved

These calla lilies remind me of my mama standing elegant
and proud.  I think they have a Southern belle attitude, just
like mama did.  

The leaves of the live oak trees have been falling down on
my yard like rain.  I am hoping (and our lawn man is too) that
the trees will stop shedding their leaves soon.  There is a lot
of work I want to do in the garden beds but will wait until
I don't have to rake away a sea of leaves.  I am looking
forward to working on a little corner I have been planning
near the breezeway and sharing the progress with you.
Until next time, which I promise won't be so far away.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Glad you shared this interesting love story. No doubt, true love prevailed in this case.

  2. What a sweet story. I love Calla Lilies and this one is beautiful.

  3. That brings back memories of growing up in my parents home! We always had white calla Lily's in the backyard !always in the Spring at Easter Timen! Going to church with my favorite lime green suede shoes with little cut outs on top and a beautiful Easter hat! Ha! Those were the simple days long ago!!

  4. I immagine you are reading a bit of Flannery O'Connor. If not, you must. Here's to the Calla Lilies and their lovely upside down southern bell skirts. :)

  5. Loved your story, I am one of those southern peaches, as for the Lily's beautiful.


  6. That's a sweet story about your mama. The calla lily is so pretty; I've always admired them. I'm totally envious that you have HEB. I loved that store and took every opportunity to shop there when we vacationed in Texas. I told my husband, a few days ago, that I wanted to go back to Texas and go the HEB.


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