Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Too Hot for Spending Time in the She Shed

I would love to work on the inside and outside of Sweet Tea Cottage.  Two things are
holding me back though.  One, it is now so very hot and humid outside.   Oppressive is how to
describe it, extremely oppressive!

The next thing that is keeping me inside is aggressive bees.  Two men have been
killed by swarms of bees.  One man in Inez, another in Yokum.  Towns not too
far from here.  This past Sunday, a man was mowing his yard when a swarm of bees
came and attacked him.  He was screaming for help and his entire face and head
were. covered in bees.  Two men stopped to try to help him and were attacked too.
So three have been attacked and two have died from from bee stings.  

The last one was in Victoria!!!

David installed these two new arched windows.  I love them!  I am thinking
about adding a mantle surround to highlight the electric stove. We'll see
how that would look,

Here is the view of the exterior.  I have decided to order some shutters
and two more window boxes too.  It's a work in progress.  Thanks for stopping
by, and stay safe!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


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  2. Love the looks of your 'she shed' and you are not alone in the heat: we are to go over 100F in Greece today!

  3. Goodness, that is scary about the bees. I don't blame you for staying inside. I hop the heat breaks soon. xo Laura

  4. Loving the look of Sweet Tea Cottage. What color will the shutters be? I hear what you are saying about the heat and humidity. We live North of you and it was 100 degrees here today, and really humid. We have rain this evening and it has cooled down nicely. Once Fall comes you will be able to spend much more time in your little cottage. The shutters and window boxes will add more personalty to Sweet Tea Cottage.

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  6. Amei seu espaço novo! Aliás, como amo tudo o que você posta!


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