Friday, August 9, 2019

Playing House With My Stash

It's way, way, too hot to go anywhere, so we are hanging around the 
house this weekend.  The pantry is full, and we have no plans.  David 
will be glued to the golf channel as he always is when we don't need to
be anywhere on a Saturday of Sunday.  I doubt very much that he will
play at the club on Sunday afternoon.  He did that a couple of weeks ago
and came home feeling very poorly.  Heat stroke is real and it can be

I will be doing what I have been doing all day today.  A few light chores 
here and there, but mostly just fluffing the pillows and moving things 
around ever so slightly.  I find the whole experience so gratifying.  Since
I am not in the midst of redecorating, I don't look at things very closely.
I just walk through one room and on to the next one without much
thought.  Fluffing a room brings everything into perspective.

It's a good thing that I am a homebody because if I wasn't I would be
miserable.  I keep looking out the windows and wishing I could be outside
working, but what's the point.  It's miserable.  All we can do right now
is to keep everything watered.

Of course, there is always something to dust around here, lol.

David just came home.  I am thinking we will have pizza for dinner tonight
and just settle in and watch TV or read.  In my straightening up efforts today,
I found two pool tile books.  The idea for a pool is being tossed around again.
Hope the weather is kinder where you are and that your weekend is

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Enjoy your weekend. It's not as not in southern Virginia as it is in Texas, but it's HOT and I'm enjoying the central air in my home and staying in as well. Lots to do here, so all is good. Take care.

  2. I just love your cozy, comfortable home--traditional, no trendy's a classic look, always in style!

  3. I love seeing how cozy and charming your home is!! We are getting a nice break here with low humidity and temps. in the high 70's!! I plan on sitting on my front porch and reading...


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