Bentley is our precious little Yorkie.  He's a typical terrier filled with spunk
who loves to chase squirrels, cats and chickens.  He's fearless and cornered a
twenty pound raccoon under our deck when he was only six months old.

He's very good natured.  He will happily wear Mardi Gras beads on fat Tuesday.

He loves, loves, loves his toys.  Here he is with a stuffed toy Yorkie we
call "Mini Me".  There is a bark box inside and Bentley runs around the house
making "Mini Me" bark.  He likes to do this especially when I am on the phone.
I wonder why :D

He HATES baths.  He's been know to hide from the groomer. Tina (bless her heart)
has been grooming Bentley all his life.  She really earns her money when she 
comes to our house!

Bentley likes to go everywhere with me, even if it means sitting in my
bicycle basket.

And he loves to drive.  Here he is behind the wheel of our truck.  
He does not have a license ... yet!

Most of all Bentley is the sweetest little guy who brings joy to everyone
he meets ~ especially the postman who is one of his favorites.


  1. I love Bentley! In 1986 I brought a Yorkie home from England. I had misgivings, thinking she might be a "yapper" like a lot of small dogs are. She grew to be a whopping 3 1/2 pounds! Her name was Pop Tart of Tudor Limes Balcultha...after she arrived in Texas, she changed her name to Poppy Ann Dodd. For 17 years she was my boon companion. She was such a loving and gentle. I miss her terribly. Bentley reminds me of her. She went everywhere with my husband and I...always being her quiet, well behaved self in her carry bag. She was a jewel. Enjoy Bentley! Patsy

  2. Hi Susan,
    Bentley is just precious, his coloring looks a lot like my Livy dog. I sent you an email with a few links from my blog that show Livy so you can see the resemblance. That "mini me" toy is just too cute and I like your rug! Pretty! Give Bentley hugs for me! Gina

  3. Awwwwwwwww....he's precious, and I can see why you love him so much! Dogs really have a way of stealing our hearts.


Bentley and I LOVE and read every comment.


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