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  1. Hello!

    Lovely of you to add me to your group pinning board titled "Reclaimed to Fame". I appreciate it and hopefully I'll stumble across lots of lovely reclaimed to fame materials/ideas, etc. I enjoy your blog very much. You certainly have an eye for dainty, sweet and elegant things. I absolutely adore "cottage culture" and I'm aiming to eventually purchase and decorate a cottage someday.

    Thanks again and take care. All the best with your future house and I'm looking forward to more of your posts and findings.

    Hugs and cuppa's!
    Lizzie xo (IoffendReason)

  2. Hey there! I have nominated you for the " Liebster Award" you may or maynot have heard of it.Its an award given to up and coming bloggers for all the hard work you put in your blog. The word Liebster is German and it means lovely, dearestmwelcomes, cute, ect ect.....congratulations! By the way this is not some crazy joke!
    it was handed to me by Nicki at SweetParrishPlace

  3. Susan, I love the idea! My sister built one for her a couple of years ago. It's so cute. Her husband has a small barn so it satisfies both of their needs. She has a neighbor who comes over and they both will have an occasional day where they will both plan on a craft day. Go for it!

  4. There is NOTHING under your ABOUT or THE COTTAGE section. Will anything be there soon? I noticed others have commented on there being nothing there also.

    Cate <><

  5. Please read Angela's blog for 09/22/14 at Are you near the State Fair of Texas? Love your blog. Margie in CA


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