If you can't get away for the weekend ... stay at home and camp out in the backyard.
Pick your theme ...

It could be a Yee Haw camp out in retro reds like this.

Don't forget your boots!

And as the sun sinks slowly over your backyard, be sure to light the lanterns and
tell some scary stories around the campfire.

Or, if you are not into a Yee Haw theme, what about a girly pink theme?

Flowers, candles, a vintage handmade quilt and of course ...

A cup of tea in a pretty pink cup.

Go glamping with us at Ash Tree Cottage!


  1. Lovely ideas! I love backyard camping!

  2. Thank you for the great idea! I would love to have a little trailer, but that isn't going to happen and this is a perfect alternative. I forgot that I used to do this with my little ones. Years ago.

  3. Glamp too? We msu be twins separated at birth...miniatures, antiques, glamping! Love your blog,

  4. So cute - wonderful idea for kids.

  5. I'm too afraid of creepy crawly things in the grass--especially the ones that show up after sunset and make noise. Oh, and the flying ones, too. Yikes. It reminds me of the idea I got to create a beautiful bed outside for naps. I bought a child's Hungarian, pale green, antique iron bed off Ebay. It arrived with a pretty floral mattress cover on it. I planned to adorn it with soft pillows & imagined myself sipping coffee there with my latest copy of Home Companion. Soon my cats discovered the bed and would take naps in the sun. The rusty iron frame really wasn't sturdy enough to hold my weight anyway. And then bees from a nearby tree became curious about all this outside activity and buzzed this way and that, spoiling everything. It was a nice idea though. The mattress faded and was tossed. The bed is more rusty now. I need to post a photo of it on the free recycler website in my city. Surely, the little bed could enjoy a third life in someone's sweet garden.

  6. What a perfect idea... glamping in the backyard with the kids, sigh, if only my kids were the right age. Nope they are off in collage doing their thing. I will have to wait a few years for my grandkids to glamp with. :) Starting a 'to-do-list with my grandkids'. A glamping tea party in the backyard is at the top. lol

  7. Great Idea, use to love to backyard camp, but the ground seems harder than it use Now I have recently bought a camper..and love the idea of "glamping".
    Crystal @


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