Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Have a Merry Mini Christmas

There is no hope for me ~ I am a confessed miniaholic.  I don't 
really care to be cured.  I am happy to live with this burden ;-)
If there is an empty bookshelf hanging around ~ there is a 
reason to decorate with minis.  

This early American shelf was once stained in a dark wood tone.
It was charming, but of course I grabbed a can of spray paint and
the rest is history.  It's turned into a mini townhouse of sorts,
an Upstairs Downstairs of the mini world.

Here it is all decorated for Christmas.  Stockings, a wreath and
a Christmas tree.  Cookies are in the oven.

Mmm Mmm good!

There is a mini Bentley, of course.  A house is not a home without a 
sweet dog.

There is a cozy spot for an afternoon tea party too.

I will warn you though ~ the longer you stay, the greater the chance that you
will become a miniaholic too!  However, it's Christmas, so lets indulge ourselves.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I love this mini world! I want to join it! I really do love the shelf instead of a doll house,now that I could do! Hugs!!

    1. I just added a 'mini' page to Pinterest and add lots of your photos!!

  2. Your shelf is gorgeous and it’s tastefully furnished. I like it very much ❤️

  3. OMGosh, Susan. I just want to shrink down and become part of that mini-world of yours. It is adorable....cuter than a lot of REAL houses. You have 'the touch'. xo Diana

  4. I stopped working with miniatures a few years ago. I miss it so in the new year,I’m picking it up again. I will be using your shelf-as-room idea. Thx. Gail

  5. I am addicted to minis. A former boyfriend said it was a control issue; I can have exactly what I want where I want it...dh people party a lot; when's the last time YOU had a tea party? Or dogs on the couch in the music room. They have culture, multiple pets, books, music, servants...all stuff that doesn't come into my life all the time! Your shelf display is perfect!

  6. These are Beautiful - are they Room Boxes? If so what size pieces are they :)


Bentley and I LOVE and read every comment.


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