Trash to Treasure

From this dumpster dive ...

To a cute little garden chair and side table.

From a thrift shop cart ...

To a happy hour patio bar cart.

From a thrift shop desk ...

To a charming and cheerful correspondence center.

A plain little garage sale clock ...

Into a hand painted way to keep track of the hours.

Two ways with a dumpster dive TV tray ...

Turn it into a mini ironing board for quilt and sewing projects ...

Or a hand painted grain sack snack tray.

A dated coffee mill from the '80's into a ...

Shabby chic grinder.

Recycle * Reuse * Repurpose

Go Green the Trash to Treasure Way!


  1. i love your redos!!!!

  2. I love the little puppy statue. It's adorable.


  3. Great finds!!! You remade them so beautifully!

  4. Susan, I love turning trash into treasure! Today I just brought home a free upscale white dresser. All I have to do is reattach a few pieces of trim and exchange some of the hardware...I love junk!

  5. Everyone of these projects was done professionally. I have had a wooden desk quite like that in the shop for awhile that I will paint a creamy white tonight! I can't get over that clock!

  6. Your clock is just beautiful! So pretty and feminine.


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