Wednesday, March 18, 2015

King William Historic District

Last weekend my sweet hubby whisked me off to San Antonio for a 
weekend of relaxation on the River Walk.  While we enjoy the river and
all of it's festivities, I also love visiting the King William Historic District.
It's a neighborhood that runs along the river and has some of the area's
stateliest homes and charming cottages. To learn more about this bit of
Texas history click here.

By the way, the beautiful house in the above photo is the Oge House.
It is a bed and breakfast and here is a link to their website.

Le't start the tour.  I tend to be more interested in the quaint little cottages
rather than the big expansive homes, so that is what this little tour is
focused on.  Enjoy!

Spring is on it's way and the trees are starting to leaf out and the azaleas
are blooming too.  Such a lovely time of year.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Just put a white picket fence up on the house with the red roof & rooster weather vane & I'll move right in. Charming houses all of them. There are some lovely houses in Snohomish, which is a fairly short drive from where I live. I love to go there. They have a quaint Main Street with lots of antique shops.

  2. Beautiful little cottages. I could live in any of them. Thanks for sharing your tour. Karie

  3. Love them all!! That big yellow one sure stands out! So pretty!

  4. I had to laugh when I saw this post. My husband and I LOVE, love, love to drive through neighborhoods and look at vintage houses. Your post has inspired me to do a similar one in the future.

  5. Hi Susan, thank you for visiting me this morning and when we travel anyplace we are always on the lookout for historic districts. Your's is about as beautiful a one as I have seen. Give that little cutie-pie, Bentley, a big hug and Happy Spring..Judy

  6. Such beautiful houses and it looks like a wonderful day! Send the sun this way! xxx....Brooke

  7. Beautiful shots of the place. Lot of history there.


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