Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Calico Bowls and Blueberries

I was in San Antonio last Saturday and I stopped into Sur la Table,
one of my favorite shops.    I picked up a few of these adorable 
calico bowls.  Y'all know I am calico crazy!  And besides that, I
knew they would be just perfect for a big bowl of hot, steamy 
oatmeal in the morning with lots of blueberries, raspberries and
blackberries piled high on top.  I buy the organic berry blend frozen
in a bag at Costco.

And it does make the perfect bowl!  Now my cereal bowl is all 
color coordinated.  I know ~ silly girl :-)  But I will be a healthy girl 
with all those antioxidants in my bowl.  All part of my healthy eating
plan.  Yummy too!

Here are my new blue readers.  $5.00 a pair at my local HEB.
Couldn't pass them up.  I wanted the pink pair, but David wanted
pink, so I chose the blue.  David likes pink.  He's a big guy
and he can get away with it.  He's a preppy dresser.

I will be eating out of my blue calico bowl wearing my blue
readers and working on the daily Sudoku and crossword puzzles.
My routine.

Orange juice and a big mug of green tea.  More antioxidants.

My OJ is in a vintage Swanky Swig.  
I need a big swig so I can swallow these ....

I picked these up at Costco over the weekend.  I used to take
another brand but I had to swallow three of them and I only
need to swallow two now.  I am all about efficiency ;-)

So there you have it, my color coordinated breakfast and
my new calico bowls.  My Mom made these calico napkins for me
years ago.  She made a matching table cloth too.  So cute.

Bentley ~ I did not see any calico bowls for you and these
are too big for you.  Maybe I can find some smaller ones.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Love your new bowls - so cute. They perfectly coordinate with your blueberries! LOL

    The napkins are perfect also. Too bad you couldn't find one for Bentley!


  2. David was correct. You needed the blue readers to match your new blue bowl and fun paisley napkins...!!!

  3. I love all the blue. The bowls are perfect and absolutely go with your other pretty things. Your pictures make me happy. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I adore your calico and then you threw in the ultra cute swanky swings - so sweet. Jane

  5. Do you really notice a big difference when you take the hair, skin and nail supplements? If you think they really work, I'd love to give them a try...thinning hair. : (

  6. This bowl is super cute and what is in it looks very delicious. Are you satisfied by these pills? I'm thinging to give them a try.

    Carpet cleaners Chelsea

  7. I enjoy reading your blog. It's becoming a favorite. Love the bowls.......now I'll go make some oatmeal :)

  8. Those bowls are darling! You've inspired me to kick my health routine up a notch ;)

  9. Beautiful...love all the blues!

  10. My heart just swirls over those blue dishes, and I love that you have used a spring like palette of those gorgeous yellows and blues...they speak of spring to me. I'm visiting from The Over 40 Blogging World.


  11. Sweet new bowls. Your breakfast looks familiar. '-)
    Have a great week ahead!

  12. Love, love, love all the blues. Blue is so popular right now. The bowls and napkins are adorable!


Bentley and I LOVE and read every comment.


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