Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Spa Day for My Garden

The landscapers were here last week to trim and clean out all of
the garden beds.  It was a huge job and took a few men several
days to complete.  I don't know how they stood it during the 
miserable hot and humid weather, but they were cheerful throughout
the whole process.  The window washers come in next, and they will
also power wash the front porch.  Next comes a painter to brighten
up the trim around the door and repaint the post.  Finally,
after that is finished we will install a new front door.  I'll be
so happy when that's done.

We didn't have a freeze last winter, so all of the tropicals are happy and hardy.

On the other side of that large window is my office.
This is an eastern exposure, so the sunshine is bright
in the morning.  Love it!


There is a camellia bush in there that you don't notice until the spring.

Here is the end of this wing of the house.  This house was custom built in 1948 by
a lovely woman who somehow thought of everything.  You can see the
mid-century modern elements infused with the colonial ones.  

Those cut outs in the brick are very a mid-century look.

This wing of the house faces the side street.  The large window in the middle
is for the dining room, the one next to it is over the kitchen sink. This is
followed by a side entrance that leads to the breezeway separating the house
from the garage.  

There is a whole other wing of this house on the other side for the 
master bedroom suite.  If I had a drone shot, you could see that the 
whole house is shaped like a widened U form with the patio and the
veranda in the center.  They don't build big ranch houses like this one
anymore.  They are just not cost effective.  Back in 1948, however, the 
war was over and everyone was positive and enthusiastic.  I collect
lots of vintage home design magazines from the 1940's and I can
see a lot of the same design elements used in this home.

Here's a shot of the backyard.  So many tropicals back there.  The ginger is over 
ten feet tall and the cast iron plants are very thick.  Thanks for stopping by!

I sure am glad this project is finished!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. You have lovely home, and yes it is always a lot of work. I'm facing knee surgery and the windows need to be done, I'm thinking if someone can do the outside, I might manage the inside, we will see. I Love all your bushes and plants, and the shadows from your trees are gorgeous across the lawn. I hope everything survives the crazy winter, since since Canada has 90's this week, seems like Mother Nature has to balance it out with a deep South freeze.


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  3. Your yard looks beautiful. They did a great job. I think that homes built after the war are so interesting. xo Laura

  4. Your home is beautiful, and your gardens are so lush and green. I'm sure when the temperatures permit you spend a lot of time in your back yard. I think I need to hire window washers, yours did a great job. Hope you didn't get flooding where you live. Here in North Texas we never ended up getting any of the rain predicted. Have a wonderful weekend.


Bentley and I LOVE and read every comment.


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