Friday, September 6, 2019

The Big To Do List

This is the side of our house.  The window with the shutters is in the
living room, and the large picture window is in the dining room.  This 
entire row of azaleas will be trimmed and excess leaves and debris will
be removed.  It has gotten away from us recently and now needs a
bit of TLC.

With temps soaring into the 90's and 100's for weeks now, cleaning up
garden beds has become a monumental task.  In this picture,  you can
see the side entrance through that louvered door leading to the breeze-way.
The azaleas are even bigger now than what you see here, and a volunteer
pecan tree has begun to grow in the midst of them.  The tree no doubt
took root when a squirrel decided to bury his pecan nut right there.  

This is an old photo of the front of our house right after we closed on the property.
We have managed to improve the lawn, and the tropicals on the right are much
larger now. This area will be cleaned up also.

The trim around the front door will get a fresh coat of paint, and the door will be replaced
with a new one.

I want a door like this one.  I think it will be attractive on our
house, and I love all the windows.  Our foyer is very dark, and this
style will bring in lots of light.

Our backyard is an absolute jungle!  Huge beds of ornamental ginger
that stand over ten feet high.  Deep beds of cast iron plants that need to 
have all the dead leaves removed, and the leaf debris removed from the
ground beneath it.  Just an over whelming amount of work to be competed
So my hubby surprised me and spoke to a landscaper.  She gave him an
estimate of what the job will cost, front, back and side yards. We agreed to
her price, and she arrives next week with a team of five men to start
the job, or as she calls it "spa day" for our garden.   I can't wait.  We will
also talk about some new plantings around the front door and get that
area all designed, but will wait until the weather cools off before we tackle
that project.

We are also taking bids to have our electric panel increased in capacity 
that will permit all the equipment needs for the pool and spa.  He
will also give us a quote for a full house generator.  Our next door neighbor
has one and loves it.  If the power should go out, the generator will get the
message and turn itself on.  So, even if we go out of town, and we have a
bad storm and lose power, our generator will automatically click on
to keep everything up and running.

We are getting a new Bosch dishwasher and removing the current
engineered flooring in the kitchen and replacing it with antique
brick.  Where there is still carpeting in the house, it is going to be
pulled out down to the original hardwoods.

Lots of projects, but it's time to get going on making our dreams 
a reality!  Stay tuned.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley 


  1. Your house looks nice now, but with the changes, will be a show place. Lots of time and work, but enjoy while you can. I noticed that odd looking tree in front.

  2. I love that tree in your yard to the right of the picture. I love how that branch wraps around the tree. How cool is that. Your house is so pretty. I love brick homes. I love that front door too and it will look good with your brick home. Have a great weekend.

  3. Lovely house but that is a lot of work.

  4. How exciting to look forward to all the new updates. I love the new door with all the windows and your azaleas are gorgeous. Our highest temp this year was 98 for about one day. We are usually in the high 70s and low 80s. That feels hot to me. LOL You have a beautiful home, inside and out. Kudos to the Sandra

  5. Love the pictures of the azaleas, beautiful color. Although I don't live in South Carolina now, my original 'home-town' has an Azalea Festival each year - so I love azaleas. We live in Ohio now, so seeing the azaleas was heart-warming!
    I'm glad you will have help clearing up your landscaping. You have lots to enjoy both inside and outside. Best wishes for continued improvement from your relapse.

  6. You will LOVE the Bosch dishwasher. They are workhorses. I have had 3 of them in 3 different homes and love them. Beautiful pictures-we were only in the 60s today-almost chilly!

  7. The chores are never ending. Even in an apartment there are always things that need to be done. Can't wait to see it all when you get it done. xo Laura

  8. Oh Susan - you will SO love your new pool and spa. I am really excited for you. Everything about Ash Tree Cottage is so lovely.


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