Sunday, January 24, 2010

Do You Love Blue and White China?

All right, I will admit that I have a problem. I love blue and white china. My first childhood tea set was blue willow. I have the adult size version as well. I also have blue and white Mason's I purchased on a trip to London years ago. Love the calico too. My sweet husband always teases me that we could set a table for the entire neighborhood and still have dishes left over. Is there such a thing as chinaholics? You might also notice "Mrs Rabbit and Bunnies" as well as "Poorly Peter Rabbit". I also love Beatrix Potter, but that's another blog!


  1. I notice you are fairly new to blogging. Welcome. I hope it brings you as much joy as it brings me. I love blue and white china too. Maybe we should form a club?

  2. Oh yes! You should see my collection of blue and white dishes!

  3. Yes, I also love blue and white. I have many posts on my blog which share my blue and white dishes and other iteme. Do stop by when you have time:
    I've enjoyed looking at your treasures!


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