Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Heart for Jack

Kim over at Daisy Cottage posted a very touching letter from a man who was recently widowed. Jack's wife Tabitha was a faithful follower of Kim's blog. Tabitha passed away after a two year battle with cancer. She was only 42 years old. Throughout her struggle, she read Kim's daily blogs and listened to her music. Jack told Kim that they even copied the music from Kim's blog and played it at the service for his wife.

Kim has asked her followers to make hearts to send to Jack. Here is a photo of the one I am sending. If you would like to make a heart, please email Kim and she will send you her address. She would like to receive the hearts and cards for Jack by March 31st.

Jack continues to read Kim's blog. Please keep him in your hearts and prayers. God Bless Kim for being such a sweet and thoughtful person, and Jack for being such a loving husband.

Susan and Bentley


  1. Susan, this is the sweetest - and cutest - heart! How wonderful to think of Jack. I think I will do the same.


  2. Well, I'd better get busy. Yes, I read that poignant letter from him. But you know how things get away from you. This is so cute!

  3. Hi, Susan, thanx for posting this on your blog. I tend to be hit or miss with my blogging, and sometimes do not make it back to all the same blogs.
    this story touched my heart, and Kim has come up with a wonderful Idea to let her husband know that his wife, will be remembered, even by strangers. I will go to her blog as well, and get the address. Your Heart is Darling :D, I have to get mine going."D
    Bye for Now, and Thanx Again for the Heads-Up,
    Have A Sunshiny Kind of Day!

  4. Oh my goodness! I am working on my heart for Jack today. Yours is so sweet!

  5. I read that sad and touching! Your heart is darling!


  6. Hi! I just left you a WONDERFUL comment :) and it disappeared when I tried to post it. TypePad folks have been having trouble leaving comments on Blogger and Blogspot if the option of URL isn't available. I tried to use Google and even it didn't work. So I'll try again.

    First, thanks for your kind comment you left on my's sooo nice to meet YOU! I see you are sorta new to blogging, but you do a great job! We both love plaid, too. I especially like oil cloth. One of our local shops sell it by the yard, but their assortment to choose from is limited.

    Please come by again! Happy Valentine's Day! Dana

  7. Susan your heart is as perfect as can be.
    It is so sweet and so cute and so YOU.

    Thank you for sharing about Tammy's wonderful idea and about our Tabatha & Jack.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



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