Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween on Historic Harrison Boulevard

Tomorrow is Halloween and in Boise's Historic North End ~ Halloween is celebrated in a big way ~ especially on Harrison Boulevard. Homes are preparing their decorations in anticipation of a big crowd. The entire boulevard is blocked off to traffic as hundreds of children from the Treasure Valley flock the street for Halloween fun!

Historic homes are decorated with spooky graveyards.

Neighbors compete for the most creative decorations. What appears to be just a couple of carved pumpkins leads to a front porch filled with....

Lots and lots of carved pumpkins with two mummies guarding the the front door!!!

Up the street are ghosts and goblins ....

Enter at your own risk!!!

The spirit of Halloween is everywhere!!!

Oooh ... look out for this entrance!!!

There is a spooky castle on this street .... and watch out for the fire breathing dragon!!

Watch out for that castle wall!!!

Ghosts are everywhere and while kids will be delighted ...

I am thinking that some parents may end up feeling like this poor skeleton ....

Ready to go home and take a nap!!!

Happy Halloween!!!
Thanks for taking a spooky tour of my neighborhood.
Have a Happy and Safe Halloween

Lots of love,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Happy Halloween Susan! Sure looks like a lot of fun-enjoy:@)

  2. Susan, that looks Awesome and FUN!!!

  3. I love this, Susan. What a neat community to do all of this. My neighbor and I are the only ones on our street that decorate outside :( We do enjoy each other's lights and decorations, tho. I will be looking forward to seeing her Christmas decorations, too!
    Bentley, did you carve your pupmpkin, yet???

  4. Wow it does look really fun and creepy!
    I hope you and Bentley have a "Spooktacular" Halloween!
    Tina xo

  5. Looks like a fun street! I'll bet it's fun just watching how excited the kids are! What's Bentley going as? Duke's going to be Dracula!

  6. It looks very spooky! And my neighborhood never gets trick-or-treaters, so it's just blah...

  7. Very neat neighborhood to do this, I do hope you show pictures at Christmas time:)



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