Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Autumn Leaves

Last evening after work, I decided to walk home. It was such a beautiful evening and since day light savings ends this weekend, I decided to take advantage of the glowing sunshine on the colorful leaves.

So lovely ...

Sigh ...

And here we are ...

Up to the front gate of my cottage. Thanks for joining me on my late afternoon stroll. Don't forget to vote!!

Hi Bentley ~ Mamma is home!!

Susan and Bentley


  1. How beautiful. I'd take the long way home, too! This is what makes fall my favorite time of year.

    Are we already changing the clocks back? Wow! Definitely time to stack up the firewood and get ready for some early evening fires!

    Hello to Bentley! :-)


  2. Hi Susan,
    Oh my! how lovely!. Fall is really giving you a beautiful show. I love the leaves with all their red and golden colors. I also took a little walk after work and the leaves were falling right on top of me while I was walking, it was wonderful and so pretty!.
    Have a sweet day, big hugs~Elizabeth

  3. What a stunning neighborhood you live in! The colors are so beautiful....I would love to walk home with scenery like that!!!!

  4. Beautiful colors and great shots! Next comes the raking:@)

  5. Hi Susan! And Bentley! Loved your photos!! New England has nothing on your autumn foliage!

    I also enjoyed reading about the companion dogs and seeing the "haunted" halloween houses. What a great idea, to close off the road to traffic and have a safe trick-or-treat area!

    Best wishes, thoughts, and prayers to your Aunt Susan for her upcoming surgery!... Donna

  6. Susan, that is just gorgeous. I love fall and all the richness of the trees. I think it would be hard not to want to capture it all and take it in. It lasts such a short time and then is replaced with winter. Enjoy it all while you can and walking home proved to be the perfect idea. Char
    Arf to Bentley

  7. Beautiful! Austin will lose leaves around the end of December, but there will be very little color before or during! I miss it!

  8. I can only imagine how beautiful these leaves are in person with the sun shining through. I loved seeing the therapy dogs too. I know they make a difference in my life!


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