Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What's Your Decorating Inspiration?

I am experiencing (as are many of you) the after Christmas let down.
While the cottage looks all warm and cozy with all of the Christmas 
decorations still up, soon it will all come down and everything will look 
a bit less cheerful.

What to do to spice up the couple of cold and dreary months ahead?


All of the reds in the Christmas decorations have made me realize that I want to
use more reds in my accents.  Red and white.  Happy and clean and uplifting.

Oh and chickens.  My heart was stolen by my neighbor's chickens.  I never
knew how very fond of them I could be.

David and Bentley have prevented me from having a few running around our
yard ~ but I can still enjoy their presence in other ways.

My Mom has decided she would like to have some chickens.  There is a little cottage
just one block from my own that is for sale.  It is a really sweet little place.  Mom's
neighbors have been moving into assisted living facilities (neither of us want that for
her) and she may be ready for a change.  If we bought that little cottage for her she
would be close to Bentley ~ AND she could have her own chickens and a 
chicken coop.  I am going to share a sweet design I found on William Poole's
site of a Grandma's cottage.  The one down the street is very, very similar and we
could make it the cutest little cottage!

So once again ~ chickens are inspiring!

Oh and one more thing before I let you go.  Stop over and visit our BFF
Brenda she found a wonderful source for crafting fabrics.  She bought the 
cutest rooster print you all must see.  I don't know about you, but little
sewing and crafting projects just relax me and make me feel all warm and

AND ~ I am about to start painting my kitchen hutch.  It's currently blue with a 
white interior and Laura Ashley fabric covering the shelves.  You know the one,
you have all seen it.  Well, if I get the nerve it will be painted red with white

Okay Bentley ~ send everyone your biggest grin and a wave too!

Susan and Bentley


  1. Yes, I love chickens and roosters for decorating too, and while my kitchen and main living room have red highlights, my formal living and dining room and 2 bedrooms are cottage-y. My inspiration for decorating comes from Romantic Country magazine.

  2. Susan ~ ofcourse, I love chickens ~ I have six and my girls are such fun! Can't wait to see your kitchen cupboard redone in red and white ~ how delightful. I am experiencing the Christmas let down as well, but Chessie has me smiling ;-)

  3. The red and white is so cheerful...love it...love the cute chickens too! Can't wait to see your hutch painted :)
    Happy New Year!
    Big hugs,

  4. I always have such a let down when I put Christmas away! I think adding more red to my decor is the answer also! Can't wait to see more. hugs, Linda

  5. yep love the red and love the chicks!
    I enjoy the clean sparse look after christmas, besides everything gets a good cleaning.

  6. I hope your mom can move to the little cottage closer to you and Bentley, I'm sure she'd love to spoil her grand-dog!

    Can't wait to see your hutch!

    Happy New Year!

  7. I like to use bowls of lemons and limes to brighten up the house. Before we know it, it will be time to buy tulips at the grocery store. Love all your red decorating.

  8. the little cottage sounds so quaint,and what fun you could have decorating. Less worry too when mum is not far away. If it were cold here I think I would be redecorating too,but our weather is heading for a week in the high 30's,celcius that is,phhww,going to melting this week. and red decorations won't be coming down until next Friday either. Never mind the way time flys by it will be next Christmas before we know it. Happy New Year to you and your family,and of cause Bentley xx jeanetteann

  9. Oh! I'm a grandma so *I* want a grandma cottage, too- okay?! Hee-hee! I will check out that link!

    Cleaning and organizing is what helps me after Christmas- that is- in between being sick! Ha! just keepin' it real!

    Also crafting for valentines and Easter helps keep things colorful and interesting in the winter. Oh, and spending christmas MONEY is fun, too! ♥


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