Monday, April 16, 2012

My Spring Garden Tool Box

I am always so happy to be planting at this time of year.  My chippy tool box
that was filled with bunnies and eggs for Easter, is now being used to tote
around seeds and plants for the garden.

I just stopped at my local co-op to pick up a flat leaf parsley plant.
My herb garden is just off our back porch and it's always such a joy to
snip fresh herbs for cooking.  I add parsley to everything I can.

I picked up some organic heirloom lettuce.  I plan to fill the old whisky barrel with
lettuce this spring.  Much cheaper than buying lettuce at the store.

 Oh and our bank has been handing out wild flower seeds.  What a sweet idea and 
what fun to sprinkle around!

It is raining very softly right now.  If I put on my gardening clogs and a hat I 
should be fine to plant for a bit.  Oh how I love the spring.  Despite the fact
that I already have a big blister on the palm of my hand from yesterday's
gardening chores, I am bandaged and ready to get out there again.
Shear joy!

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and Linda for

Bentley actually likes to nibble on the herbs in our garden.
He is my little canine gourmand!

Susan and Bentley


  1. Lovely post! I have a little tool box like that in my garage. I think I need to give it a coat of paint and put it to good use. Yours looks so cute in your photos.
    I bought some basil today for my herb garden. Can hardly wait to be able to make pesto. My little chihuahua also enjoys eating herbs in the garden. I think it's much healthier than eating grass.
    Happy Gardening!

  2. Spring is so strange here. Today it is close to 90 degrees, but the garden centers have only plants on hand for very cool weather. I feel like I'm in a strange upside-down world!


  3. Your yard is already looking fantastic, Susan.
    I love the bright green shades of new grass
    and new growth during this time of year.

    Nature in all her glory, refreshed and regenerated.

    Such blessings!

  4. it is a beautiful day here but we need rain so badly. The wind is begining to blow maybe a thunder storm in the making.
    happy planting

  5. I am growing a whooping three herbs on the deck this year. I am afraid the deer will eat them if I put them in the ground. Sounds like you are having fun. Tell Bentley we got a puppy.

  6. What a cute box with herbs...I love having fresh herbs! Linda

  7. Love the box! You have decorated it beautifully...Christine

  8. I love your chippy little box! Perfect time for planting herbs...I love fresh parley, too! Take care of that hand!


  9. A day in the garden is very rewarding especially when you can see where you've been. Your gardening tool box looks well set up for a spot of gardening in the rain.

    Have a great week

  10. What a cute tool box full of goodies. I am so happy spring has arrived, too. Have a wonderful week. Patty

  11. Such a sweet display! I'm glad you and Bentley are enjoying your spring gardening. You have reminded me to plant my lettuce! Have a wonderful week :)
    xo, Andrea

  12. Bentley is a cutie and I love your header picture:)The garden tool box is a great idea to carry the plants around before planting and they look so pretty filled with the pansies and herbs...I love using fresh herbs in cooking as well!Thank you for your sweet note:)Have a wonderful week!Happily following you back~Poppy

  13. Your box is fabulous and it is decorated so beautifully. They are such wonderful treasures and can be decorated so many ways. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  14. Hi Susan and Bentley...

    LOVE this... so spring-y and beautiful. I am SO ready for some pretty posies and some SUNSHINE. Just a glimmer of it here today, but the forecast if for drizzle (read: pouring down rain) all week. YUK. Can't plant here until after Mother's Day as a rule. I've done it earlier and have lost some to frost. I'll be waiting.

    Hope all it well with you dear chickie...


  15. Your lucky Spring come. Here in Sweden we are still struggling with the snow and the chilly weather.

    Your toolbox is really a cutie. Smart idea with flowers in it.

    Happt TTT...


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