Thursday, June 12, 2014

Teeny Tiny Beach Cottages

When we first moved to Texas I had my heart set on buying a cute
little cottage in Rockport.  Something within walking distance
of the water.  But then we went up to Fredericksburg for our
anniversary and I fell in love with the town and wanted to buy
a little vacation cottage there.  However ~ the two and one half
hour drive back home to Victoria broke an important and long
standing rule for David.  

Years ago while David was still in college he had a part time
job as a cold caller at an investment firm.  His boss coached 
him on selling stocks, but also his rules for living.  One of 
them was that one day when you have saved enough money to
purchase a vacation home it should be no further away than a
two hours from your primary residence.  He said that if it was
any further away, you would seldom use it.  Fredericksburg
breaks that rule.


Rockport is a little less than an hour away.  That means we can
throw a bag in the Jeep, put the leash on Bentley and be down there
in time for dinner on a Friday night after work.


So I looked and looked on the internet for cute houses not too far
from the water and just a bicycle ride into town.  This one was on
the market last year.  So cute with the pink shutters and picket fence.
Hurricane shutters too ~ so important on the coast.  It looked like
 a grandmother lived in it and needed just a bit of tweaking but it
was full of potential.  Sadly it is no longer on the market.


 I kept looking.  My sister Robin The Decorating Tennis Girl (y'all
know we are not sisters by birth, but sisters by choice) has been
looking for me too.  She's such a sweetie and knows exactly what
kind of house I love.  She found a really, really cute one but it is
too expensive.  I talked to my neighbor who is a real estate agent
here in Victoria and she checked to see if the owners would come
down in price ~ but to no avail.  Then Nelda (my neighbor) said
that I should check with our insurance agent because the rates have
really jumped for wind coverage on the coast.  I was about to
give up hope when I discovered these little cottages ...


This is one of a group of cottages.  They are really tiny, about
350 square feet each.  They are all have different layouts and
there is a tropical pool and a private lighted pier for the property.
There is on site management and they rent out.  I tried to get
a reservation but could not.  They are pet friendly and it is a
really popular place to stay.

Here are some pictures of the pool area ...



This is so inviting don't you think?


I am just intrigued by these tiny cottages. They range in price
from $109,000 to $139,000 which is pricey for the small square
footage, but then you can rent them out too.  Rockport is a
vacation destination town in both the summer and winter.
We could use it when we want and then rent it out to defray
the costs.


I am picturing myself with my glass of diet Dr Pepper or sweet tea
lounging on one of the beach chairs in the shallow side of the pool.
Y'all know it gets really hot here.  What a way to cool off!  And ...
most importantly Bentley can be here too.  It would be like
playing in a dollhouse in one of these cottages.  Let me know
what you think about the idea.

BTW ~ I still have my cold but am feeling better than
yesterday.  I did find two different places that ship homemade
soup and cookies and they are:

Grandma's Chicken Soup
Spoonful of Comfort

They are both a bit pricey, but would be a nice option to
sending flowers.  I am also thinking that for all you good
cooks, this could be a business opportunity for you.  Or
maybe me.  I love to make soup and Bentley could help
me deliver!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. They look pretty good I would rent a couple of times to see if there was enough to do before buy.

  2. Glad you are feeling better! Those little cottages looks like a lot of fun - like you said, kind of like a dollhouse. You could fix one up so cute and not spend a fortune. I dream of a getaway where I could use bright colors and rather wild decorating ideas! We've looked around Canton, but now with John's health, maybe it was better that we didn't find one. Canton is about a seven hour drive but we thought we could stay there months at a time - especially in the winter. But, you gotta dream! Good luck!


  3. How lovely it would be to have one of these little cottages by the sea. It would be such fun to decorate, and lovely to be able to pop down there for a nice change whenever you felt like it! I bet Bentley would love it too :)
    Good luck with your plans!
    Helen xox

  4. Oh, how I would love the challenge of decorating and spending time in a little postage stamp-sized cottage like these!!! It would really be fun! I think it would help to get away from the larger house and into a space without all the "stuff." I hope you're able to find something to your liking soon! Oh...and I like that 2-hour rule. Makes good sense to me!


Oliver and I LOVE and read every comment.


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