Monday, June 23, 2014

Here Is The New Look

A bit of a change to my blog header and background was way over due.
I finally set aside a bit of time to make some changes.  

My life is so different since I created the old blog header and chose a
background.  I wanted the new one to reflect the new "me".  It's not the
complete blog overhaul that I would like.  I would still like some
professional help, but with everything that is going on in my life
right now, this is enough of a change just to freshen up things a bit
until I have time for that major over haul.

I played around with a lot of different images, colors and fonts and came up with 
this one.  I sat on it for a couple of days to see if I still liked it and I did.  I thought
about keeping the background white because I do like the clean look, but I 
just fell in love with these little dots, so here they are now in the background.
Most importantly though I wanted to reflect the fact that Bentley and I are not
in Idaho any more.  We are living large down in Texas and it is our new home.
Hope you like the new look!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I most certainly do, Susan. Well done. Change is good for the soul sometimes.

    Hope you are well and happy? Take care and have a wonderful week. Stop by for a visit sometime soon. ♥

  2. Your new look is wonderful! You don't need professional help girl.

  3. Very nice! Love the colors. Only thing I would suggest is centering the header. But that's because I'm quite anal!

  4. I like it! Sometimes I get thrown off when people change their headers..but Bentley is right there so I know it is Ash Tree Cottage!

  5. Susan - Adore the new look. Love the red and the polka dots - how could you go wrong?


  6. I am so confused! I love the new picture but I don't see any polka dots anywhere. Am I polka dot blind? Kinda like color blind maybe? Anyway, I think the content is what matters most. That's just me, but how long do you look at the header anyway? I go right for the content.

  7. I just went to your home button & thought I'd let you know that there is nothing under the Cottage tab or the About tab. I hope you read this so you can fix it. I'd love to see what you'd put under Cottages.

  8. Love your header and the background is so sweet!

  9. Adore the new look, it says welcome to my farm. What I think a Texas farm looks like anyway. :)

  10. P.S. I am with Deb...what dots???????

  11. Absolutely love the new look. You don't need any help. This looks amazing. Keep on going forward. You have so much to share

  12. Wonderful your new look, it's perfect!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday...


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