Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Husband May Shoot Me ~ But ...

When we moved into this house I promised my hubby that I would not
paint the paneling in the family room.  Even though it is a dark room, I
have come to love it's men's club coziness.  Yet I still think there need
to be a few lighter touches in the room so it is not all stained wood

David had a last minute overnight business trip and I decided to paint
the vintage French country drum table that is between two comfy
slipcovered chairs in what we lovingly call the "library" section
of the room.  It's a pretty piece but never really showed up
against all that stained wood.  So …

Here it is now painted a soft sage green.  I still have to distress it, but 
decided to show it to you in this state because I have decided to paint
a vintage dresser in this room too.  I am painting it the same soft sage
and will distress both at the same time.  I hope that David does not
mind too much.  He's not into painted pieces as I am.  

Disclaimer ~ no he won't shoot me, but I can imagine there
will be some shoulder shrugging ;-)

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Oh Susan, it looks AMAZING - it totally pops - but in a perfect subtle way - too pretty to disappear amongst all the paneling....and look how it unifies your two pretty printed chairs? LOVE it, you totally made the right decision to do this. (And green is such a wonderful colour!)

    Well done, ma'am!!

  2. I love it, Susan. It really was lost against the paneling. Now it has its own personality xo Laura

  3. It looks wonderful Susan... and it really does show up nicely... The color is yummmmy.



  4. It looks so much better, Susan! Brown upon brown is just too much. They just blend together and you can't tell where one piece ends and the other begins. Wonder what it is with men and dark paneling? It depresses me to have dark surrounding me.

  5. Susan, I love a painted piece here and there. We don't have many here, but I'd like to add more. I've considered painting our wicker chairs because they are worn in places on the arms. I think I'd have to do some serious talking to convince my husband. '-)
    I think your drum table looks great. It really pops and looks like a perfect accent color with the comfy chairs.

  6. That looks great next to the sofas. I like it much better then the before picture. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Girl! I hear you! I want to paint a bunch of pieces in our living room and that husband of mine just keeps cringing! Love how this is looking and I can't wait to see it all done.

  8. I think that is exactly the perfect decision on the drum table (and the upcoming dresser). There is ALOT of wood in that room and needs something to 'pick it up'. Some folks use a touch of black in every room or a touch of white, but I like the sage green color - it is picked up in the fabrics and to me is sort of a 'neutral' color. Already looks better even before the distressing - while I love wood, I would have wanted to brighted the room too and that piece is the perfect one for painting!

  9. Just what a little paint can do! I love the drum table in that soft green, it matches the chairs next to it too! Go ahead and paint the rest, I'm sure hubby will love it.

  10. It does show up more, the colour is nice I'm sure he won't mind too much.

  11. Uh oh...better pull out my black dress and Sunday-go-to-meeting hat! :-)

    I'm sure the new color will grow on your husband. It takes them a bit longer to adjust. He'll figure it out sooner than later! I think the color is a wonderful complement to the color in the chairs.

  12. I loooooovvvvveeee it! It looks absolutely gorgeous. Doesn't hurt that sage green is one of my all time favorite colors. Good job Susan.

    P.S. I am totally into painted furniture. I love the new life it gives to some otherwise nice but dreary pieces.


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