Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Garden Days

Bentley and I spent most of yesterday working outside around the 
potting shed.  The temps were in the upper 70's with low humidity
and it could not have been a nicer day.  

 Have you noticed that you can go to the garden center and leave 
with a cart full of plants, etc and when you arrive home and start
planting them, you realize you you still have room to add more?
That's my story.  I planted a double pink knock out rose bush 
yesterday and decided I need another one because I changed my
mind about where to plant it.  I should really sketch out a plan and
then figure out ahead of time exactly what I want to plant and where.
My parents used to do that.  I recently discovered Daddy's landscape
sketches and notes of planting ideas.  They were so organized, I
on the other hand just dive into the garden center and let my mind
wander.  Not the best way to go.

And of course there are purchases other than plants that need to be made.
I need to buy pea gravel.  The last time I went to Lowe's I could not find
someone to help me load it onto the cart, so I skipped it.  Maybe I 
should see if I could get it delivered because I want to put it all around
the shed and that's a lot of pea gravel.  

My little ecko ~ Gracie comes out to watch me plant every day.  She
is so cute.  She lives somewhere inside the shed (I don't know where) but 
comes out to climb on the rocks and in and out of the planters looking for
bugs.  She can change color in an instant and can also be quite amusing.

The gecko I have named George, lives near the hose bib next to my
rose garden.  He is an excellent leaper.  He can leap from the top of
the hose keeper into the garden with ease.  He did this several times while
I was weeding around the roses.  I was quite impressed and told him so.

Our little Mrs Titmouse built a nest right on top of the beam over our
swing on the back porch.  She has one little baby that I can see.  If I am
starting to sound like Beatrix Potter with all her cottage animals, I 
plead guilty.  She is my idol you know :-)

Hope you are having as much fun as Bentley and I!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I probably would jump if they came out to see me. Waldo and Lili love to chase them all over the back yard. They love to sit on the cement block fence and sun themselves.

    Love your metal chairs and the colors you have. Your garden shed looks very pretty with your colors.

    You and Bentley have a great rest of the week in the garden.


    1. Oh no, you would not jump. They are very sweet and I swear they listen to me talk to them :-)

  2. We have resident gekos here too. I haven't named them, but one lives on the front porch. I talk to him and he just stares at me and listens. He isn't afraid of me. If I find them in the house, and we do, I capture them and release them outdoors. They are good for our gardens. Like you, I'm puttering in the garden relishing this beautiful weather. It will only be a memory all too soon. '-)

    1. I put them outside too if I find one in the house. This weather has been wonderful. Glad to hear you are enjoying your garden too!

  3. Hi Sister! It all looks wonderful. I love the black iron plant stand! I am so ready to start in my yard. Warm weather, hurry up!

  4. So glad to hear someone else talks to the geckos. I, too, love how they look up at you like they know exactly what you are saying and would talk back if they could. We have to be careful not to step on them because they are right where we are working.

  5. So glad to hear someone else talks to the geckos. I, too, love how they look up at you like they know exactly what you are saying and would talk back if they could. We have to be careful not to step on them because they are right where we are working.

  6. I love the things you use in your garden. Sometimes an old container looks better than a pretty pot.

  7. It's looking so lovely around your shed, Susan! Oh, my heart goes pitter-patter at the thought of planting things. But as I look outside the window...I see snow on the ground. Drat!

  8. So beautiful!

    I am going to try growing some things indoors this year. Our summers get very hot and only a few things survive.

  9. Dearest Beatrix, you are so inspiring...you cute metal lawn chairs are adorable with the plants on them...our winds have been blowing so much out here in West Texas that it's not been pleasant to work outside but we have a few plants in the greenhouse that are ready to come out.... I would love to see a Gecko in person....It may be too dry out here for them....

    1. Your yard is so lovely, and I liked your vignettes!!
      It has been beautiful for the past several weeks and I have been working outside as often as possible. Princess Posie cat runs from window to window to supervise :^)
      Our yard is pretty shady and we have fresh water here and there, so we have quite a number of lizardy shaped visitors, LOTS of birds and the occasional animal or two. Our back patio is prime territory for Geckos... They live in every flower pot and under all of the rocks. They are starting to come out and show off their babies now....they are the cutest things! Jenny Wren has set up housekeeping on the patio as well....she probably has little ones, but the nest box is not easy for me to see into. Soon they will be in my flower pots too....and probably yelling at me when I go out!
      Have a lovely weekend and blessings to you,

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