Friday, September 2, 2016

Blogging For Love

I believe I told you how I started to write a blog, but if you don't 
know, here is the story.  I started reading blogs a few years before I
began my own.  My Daddy was suffering the ravages of Alzheimer's
and I worried about him constantly and as a consequence, I developed
insomnia.  It was durning one of those wee hours of the morning that I 
discovered cottage style blogs.  The charm of those blogs and the 
contentment I felt reading them carried me through those long nights.

It was back in the day when blogs were friendlier and not so 
commercial.  Such a nice group of women who allowed the reader
to see glimpses of their homes and their lives.  It was mostly
cheerful and upbeat.  It was a world where we all could dream
for a bit and feel safe.  It was like home.

I joined the world of blogging because I wanted to be like those women.
I wanted to spread some cheer too.  Although the platform of blogging has 
become much more driven and commercial, I like to think that there is
still a place for cottage style blogs and their homey message.  

At least I hope this is so.

When I welcome you into my home, my world, with each blog post,
I am also welcoming you into my heart.

So I hope that when you come to visit me, you leave feeling 
happy, because I blog from a place of love.

The world can be an unsettling place sometimes.  I strive to find the 
goodness and sweep away the bad.  While we cannot bury our heads in 
the sand all the time, we can raise our heads up to see the sun.

I have another talented miniaturist to share with you on my 
mini blog today.  If you would like to see some adorable
Christmas miniatures by Debbie Booth, go HERE.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I always enjoy a visit to your blog, it is a pretty and welcoming glimpse into your life. Now you have gotten me thinking, maybe I will take some pretty photos of things in our home and put them on my blog. Instead of that recent possum photo, ha ha.

  2. I like you enjoy having a sneak peek into other peoples homes and lives.. and when I began blogging years ago... I didnt think I would have such the few good friends to this day.. and one of them I even met in person :)

    But I agree with you, blogging has become so commercial and its now to the point I dont visit blogs of that sort.. especially if I am having to dodge so many pop ups and flashy memes.. I am on pre paid internet and that stuff is such a internet suck

  3. Susan,
    I totally agree with you. I haven't been blogging as long you, but when I started I was charmed by the wonderfully talented, friendly women and enjoyed visiting in my virtual neighborhood. I really get turned off when I click on a blog and I can't even read it b/c of the ads that pop up. I don't want to deny anyone their ability to get ahead, but has taken some of the charm out of blogging. Dianne

  4. I definitely think there's room for all types of blogs. Your cottagey blog is one of my very favorites. ♥

  5. I'm still drawn to the comfy, welcoming world of cottage bloggers. The big blogs just aren't personal enough for me. And yes, I do feel the love when I visit here!

  6. Hi Susan. I'm with you on the cottage blogs! Also, love my visits to your blog, especially the minies! Out with commercial blogs that try to sell things all the time! ha! In with peeking into comfy homes, sneak peeks at china, pillows and anything rose-covered. I think there is a place for all. Susan

  7. I agree and your blog is a very homey and comfy place to visit. Can't wait to see the mini's. On my way over right now!

  8. Hi Susan,
    I, too started blogging in 2010. The first blog I read was Romantic Home. I had just retired from long years of work, and I wanted to photograph and play with my dishes. After six and half years I still love to blog.

  9. Susan I enjoy visiting you.. I don't like the things that pop up all over the place while your trying to read and take a look around or at the photos.. I have tried to keep my blog simple and homemade .... I'm not in it to empress or gain thousand followers.. I want people to enjoy my blog. Hope you have a lovely weekend, with love Janice

  10. This was a sweet heart felt post. It's still like that. I get your email alerts and try to come by for each post.
    If your interested I am hosting a Fall Party. It's over here:
    All Fall Themed posts are Welcome. Old or New. Let's Party.

  11. Susan, I recently deleted a number of blogs for that exact reason, and that so many of them decorate the same. I prefer to feel that following a blogger is like following family. I love your blog because it feels like visiting family or a close friend.

  12. Susan thank you for your blog, I save each one of yours to look back on in a file folder. Your blog is my favorite one along with Susan Branch's. I love how you blog about your life and I too among your other readers have deleted many blogs because of the commercialism and soooo many tablescapes. Please don't change your style, it is so refreshing. ~ carol

  13. Thank you, Susan and Bentley. - Joyce

  14. I have to agree with you Susan. A lot of the blogs I loved so much have become so commercial and all about making money. I started my blog to share my decor crazy with those that got the cottage style. It has been so much fun. Just so happy that there are still a few of us out there that do not have to cloud up our blogs with pop ups and ads. A few ads here and there are not too bad but some of them have so many ads running you cannot even read what the post is about. I enjoy your cottage blog very much.

  15. I understand where you are coming from, Susan. I pulled away from blogging for awhile, because I didn't feel the love that originally drew me to write and share. I am now writing more and I feel like wherever it takes me from this point will be just okay. xo Laura

  16. I love your photos today and I love my white shutters like you have. It is time for a cup of tea.

  17. I don't blog but I love reading them and appreciate bloggers sharing their interests with us who begin as strangers but become "pals", much like the old days of pen pals before computers were available. I love the cottage and garden blogs, some blogs I follow are dedicated to hand embroidery, vintage linens, quilting and crocheting. Some days I wonder if I should un-subscribe to some but I do so love my "escape time". It's like looking through a magazine. I think I'll be adding your friends blog to my list. I want a large Victorian dollhouse one day...still trying to decide which one and where I would put it. I especially love seeing your tea sets, linens and transfer ware. Thank you for inviting us into your world.

  18. Well said in this post. I feel that many blogs have become too commercial and it's almost impossible to read some of them. I stick with yours as you don't overdo the ads and the ads don't infringe on the reader's reading. Hope you will keep it up. I also hope you will consider deleting blogs on your bloglist when no posts have taken place in over 3 or 4 months. Let's keep them fresh so we can meet new blogs by hopping thru other's lists.

  19. I love your blog and look forward to every post. You keep it real and I love your new miniature posts.

  20. I can so relate to what you've written..I started blogging after retiring because I wanted to become part of a community and I love cottage style. I never stated my blog to make money, it was always an avenue to connect with outers and a creative outlet. Beside the commercialism blogging has become its also about being "perfect". Its as if we can't be real..everything must be staged and at it pretties. This has been bothering me especially since or home has been in a remodel from hell and its anything but perfect.

  21. Hello Susan, I am new to your beautiful Blog (how I missed it I do not know) I feel the same about blogging, One of the first blogs I fell with is Dear Daisy Cottage. I remember when most blogs had pretty music playlists. I to wanted to join in the fun but was to shy, finally with a little encouragement from another beautiful Blogger Billie Jo from Afternoon Coffee & Evening tea who I first saw on IG I hit the publish button. So Happy you are here I cant wait to see more of your blog P.S. It makes me very Happy : )

  22. I too prefer the friendly blogs... Where women can connect ♥ Love your photos so much and the little snippets of your home ♥


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