Monday, January 30, 2017

Meeting Carolyn Westbrook

On Saturday David, Bentley and I drove up to Round Top to
visit the Winter Show inside the Big Red Barn.  It was a beautiful
day and there was lots of activity in Round Top despite the fact
that not too many venues are open at this time of year.  It was
however, much easier to get around without all the typical
crowds of the Spring and Fall shows.

The show in the Big Red Barn was busy.  Lots of great vendors
from Texas and states beyond showing off their treasures.    I 
knew that Carolyn Westbrook would be there and I was anxious
to visit her booth and hoping that I would be able to meet
Carolyn in person.

I was in luck.  Carolyn was in fact present, although she was
swamped with customer questions and sales.  As you would
imagine, her booth was beautifully staged with all sorts of 
fabulous items as well as her signature bed linens.  

During a brief moment, while a customer was adding to her
already large order, I did get to chat with Carolyn.  She's
very open, friendly, energetic and full of fun.  

I was able to purchase two linen euro shams with down filled
pillows while I still had the chance.  Carolyn told me that she 
will be back for the Spring Show, so that I can see more of her
items then. 

She let me carry the shams outside in the daylight to make sure
that the color was just what I wanted, and it was perfect!  Here
they are.  I have placed them on the loveseat in the guest room
so that you can see how sweet they are.  I am looking for a 
queen size bed for this room and will be deciding what other
pieces I want to finish the look of this bed.  By the end of 
March, I should have all my decisions made and will be
ready to make my purchases at the next show.  Hooray!
I will be so happy to get this room completed.

More photos of the show later this week.  

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. How great that you got to meet Carolyn. I have heard she is just a wonderful person- and it sounds like that is exactly right. LOVE those cushions--color and style. xo Diana

  2. How fun. The shams are wonderful. Her booth looks amazing.


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