Monday, April 24, 2017

Five Minute Farmhouse Table Centerpieces

I'm not the kind of girl who re-arranges furniture every day, or every
month.  I do however, like to change the centerpiece on my farmhouse
table in the breakfast room.  Since I walk past it several times per day,
I just feel the need to freshen it up now and again.  When I do get the
urge, I start rummaging through my cabinets and pull out things I
have stored away.  So, I am going to show you how I created five
different centerpieces in just five minutes!

Centerpiece number one.  One of my vintage bread boards, the 
rooster from my kitchen island, the enamel milk pail (also from the 
island) and a tiny white cow creamer.

I love this little creamer!  I think I bought it up in Fredericksburg ~ also
known around here as just Fred or FBG.

Centerpiece number 2.  Same bread board, a galvanized pail full of
farmstyle napkins and a white pitcher filled with vintage spoons.

I just purchased this cute little spoon. Bless your heart indeed!
You can find this spoon and others here.

Okay, we're on a roll here, let's move on to centerpiece number 3.
Here is a thrift shop wicker tray with a little pitcher filled with 
daisies, a red transferware creamer and a milk glass hen on
a basket.   I added the homemade and homespun heart just because.

I love this milk glass hen!

Here is number 4.  Kept the wicker tray, added the vintage scale topped
with a basket filled with little fabric hearts and added a fabric chicken.

Are you beginning to see how practical it is to have cabinets full
of stuff???

And the last one is the one that I will keep on the table for a while.
Same wicker tray, my vintage enamel coffee pot, a roo, and a
farm stand  apple scented candle.

I threw in the red gingham napkin for a pop of color. Okay, now I am
challenging you to create your own Five Minute Farmhouse Table
Centerpiece!  I will warn you, it's addictive!!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Hi Susan, I just love love love this post. I think I need a trip to the antique mall and some thrift stores before I try this out. But boy oh boy, you certainly have a beautiful way of decorating. I love your blog!!

  2. This post really sparked an urge in me to drag out what few items I have around here and see what I can do with them. I got rid of so much when I moved from my home to this small apartment... oh well, I will see what I have!!

  3. Oh- so cute. I love to change up my centerpieces, too. I was surprised to hear you say you didn't change your furniture around though. For some reason I thought you would be doing that all the time. lol I bet you have so much fun arranging your sweet "little house" that you don't feel the need to shift things around so much in the big house! I have a couple of rooms that there is no other way I can place the furniture than the way it sits.
    Have a wonderful week- xo Diana


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