Thursday, March 1, 2018

Welcome March 2018!

Happy 1st day of March y'all!

What a lovely morning!  The sun is shining!!  I was beginning to 
believe that we would never see it again, but here it is in all it's glory,
and I am so thankful.  I feel as though I just had an injection of
pure joy, and that joy is running through my veins.

As I am sitting here in my studio, the sun is streaming through 
the windows and it makes everything look so sweet and happy.
I plan to carry this sunny happiness with me throughout the day.

We are one day closer to the first official day of spring.  It's been a long,
hard winter, but we have survived.  I think we all deserve some sun,
and warmer breezes and flowers.  Lots of flowers for our future.
Wishing y'all a bless day!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. This is such a sweet pillow Susan. I too am looking forward to Spring and new life to appear. I think we have another couple of months before that will happen here in Illinois. I cannot wait. I am so over winter.
    Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend.

  2. I just love this, Susan. It makes me smile and thing spring-like thoughts. I can't wait until we warm up here but we are still at least 2 months away from spring weather- ugh! xo Diana

  3. The sweet pink and green here is just melting my heart -- and hopefully the snow outside! Your bunny is adorable and oh, how I love that chenille! Happy March!

  4. That creation is beautiful. Do you make and sell something like that


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