Friday, December 21, 2018

Bentley's 13th Birthday December 21st

It's hard to believe it, but our baby is 13 years old today.  Born December 21, 2005 in
Boise, Idaho,  just a block down the street from us.   I knew his doggie mom and daddy
for years before Bentley was born.  He has a sister named Shorty, and a brother named
Joey.  His doggie parents were named Lady and Mr. Rags.

I knew he would be a loving puppy because he came to us from a very loving home.

Bentley has been a joy since he first joined our family.  Always such a good boy with 
a happy spirit.  Always waiting to amuse and to bring love.

He was by my side from the first day I started my blog, and often found 
himself a part of the blog action.

He always received the most amount of gifts at Christmas.  My
parents adored him and showered so much love and attention 
on him too.

The one negative about Bentley is that he has always hated to be groomed.  I don't
know why.  My groomer and I did everything possible to make it a happy
experience, but he stood his ground.  If you look closely, here he is running 
away with his hair brush!

Now Bentley makes his home with us in Texas.  He has traveled all over this
state and has been the perfect little traveler.  Here he is looking at a lovely
cottage in Fredericksburg.

Here he is in San Antonio on the Riverfront, at a dog friendly restaurant called ...
Charlie Wants a Burger
And, Bentley had a yummy burger too.

Of course he gets to stay at posh resorts with his Mama and Daddy,  and gets
to climb up on the bed pillows to get comfy.  Why?  Because we love him!!!

We are so blessed to have this little peanut in our lives.
This tribute is for you, dear Bentley, from your loving and devoted

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley, the Birthday Boy


  1. Happy Birthday, Bentley! You are such a sweet boy! My Chis Riley and Jacob send slurpy kisses.

  2. Happy birthday to a handsome boy. My Dixie says hello. She's fifteen and a sweetheart.

  3. Happy Birthday, Bentley. Such a handsome little gentleman and Merry Christmas to you and your family..Judy

  4. Happy Birthday, Good-Boy Bentley! (I never knew any dog that liked to be groomed.) He was probably The Best Christmas Present Ever!!

  5. Happy Birthday sweet little Bentley. I lost my sweet dog in July at the age of 13 1/2. She had fought cancer since 2014 and the doctors called her a miracle dog. Don't forget to say puppy prayers because I feel like we were blessed with extra time because of them. She was so good with chemo and calcium reduction treatments but like Bentley she didn't like grooming, especially after she tore a ligament and I think she didn't like standing for a long time. I know little Bentley has the eye issue but I'm sure he feels the love and will endure because of it. God Bless you and Bentley on his special day.

  6. Buffy and I send a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENTLEY from North Carolina. Your a very handsome "teen"...........the big 1..3...

  7. Happy Birthday Bentley, I love it when your Momma post about you!! Merry Christmas Susan and Bentley!

  8. What a precious fur child you have. I am also a life long dog mom and that title is one of my greatest joys. Sweet blog you have here. Happy New Year.

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