Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Daily She Shed ~ Happy May Day Flowers

To the right side of the She Shed there is a stand of ginger plants.  
They are quite thick and getting tall once again.  This past winter we
did not have a hard freeze, so the ginger did not have to be cut back 
down to the ground as it did for the past couple of years.  When we
don't have a hard freeze, the ginger will flower, and that's what is
happening right now.  Large clusters of buds.

This morning these buds began to open up.  Aren't they beautiful!

Vinca in pots hanging just above the herb garden.

At the end of the herb garden, a lovely plant with the sweetest clusters of

Yet more in pink.

The garden around the shed is coming along nicely, although never quite fast
enough.  I get so much enjoyment from this garden.  I had to move the bird
feeders because the tree man trimmed our crepe myrtles, and it took the
birds a full day to rediscover them.  Now they are back singing in the background
while I work in my little garden.  This is truly my happy spot!

Happy first day of May y'all!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley 


  1. Just gorgeous!
    That plant with the yellow clusters is a Lantana. They come in lovely and different combinations such as red/orange/gold and pink/pale pink/yellow clusters. Also, they may winter over to next year where you are, but here in Pennsylvania, we are not so lucky. In just one season, we have had them grow like shrubs, with a spread of over 4 ft. wide and about 30 in. tall. Have a great day!

  2. OMGOSH- I am SOOOOOOOO jealous. We don't have a single 'green' thing here yet...even the lawns are just greening up. We have a high of low 40s today. I know you have terribly hot summers but those other months make up for it, I think. xo Diana

    ps- I am also jealous of your 'she shed'

  3. Your garden is coming along beautifully. I especially love your yellow Lantana. I have that same color planted in a bed that has my birdbath. It attracts the butterflies and hopefully will come back next year.


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