Thursday, December 12, 2019

I Want to Get Well for Christmas

I have been ill once again.  I want so much to be well for Christmas.
I haven't done any decorating.  I want to, I really do.  I will try to
get something up soon.  This is an archived photo from years past.

This situation makes me so sad.  I love decorating for the season.
I never thought I would be so ill.  I am fighting this with all my
determination, yet I seem to be fighting a losing battle.  

I am going to take a pic of a little area that I recently decorated.
Maybe that will cheer me up.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan  and Bentley


  1. I didn't realize that you are ill. I am so far behind. I will pray for your recovery. xo Laura

  2. I am so sorry, I just got over a long bout myself and the most frustrating part is not being well enough to do all of the things you want (and usually are able) to do. I hope that you start feeling better soon. Take care.

  3. Did you used to live in Boise, Idaho? I saw your blog on another blog, and the name was familiar, as was Susan and Bentley, but the Susan and Bentley blog I knew a few years ago lived in Boise.

    Anyhow, I'm so sorry you are feeling unwell at this very festive time of year. That was me in 2017. I had pneumonia, and was sick pretty much all of December and all of January. I felt somewhat well Christmas Day, but the day after, I had a huge relapse.

    Patti @ This Beautiful Life

  4. I’m so sorry you have been so sick. Prayers that you feel better soon, dear Susan!

  5. Susan please take care of yourself. I hope you feel stronger soon and can enjoy your holiday.


  6. I'm sorry that you are feeling so sick at this time of year. I hope you will geel better soon and have time to enjoy decorating your home. The photograph you show us today is so bright and Christmas-y.

  7. I'm so sorry to hear your feeling ill. It's the season for the flu bug. I know your miserable especially during the holidays. Hot herbal teas and holiday movies might help. Cuddle with Bentley as much as you can and I will say extra prayers. Rest my friend.

  8. I want you to get well and stay well too, Susan.
    I'll be holding you up in my prayers along with many others I know who are also fighting illness and although there is no good time to be sick, Christmas time seems to be especially trying, emotionally as well as physically.

  9. I'm so sorry, Susan. I know this is especially difficult during the holidays and I understand in a very personal way. Getting well will be the greatest of gifts, won't it, even if it doesn't come tied in a pretty bow. Healing hugs to you.

  10. My dear sister,
    My prayers continue. I am so sad for you, too. I know the joy that decorating for the holidays bring to you. Stay strong. I will send you an email. It has been a bit crazy here.
    Love you,

  11. I feel sad that you aren't getting to do what you would love to do around the house, but take care of first things first!

  12. I hope you'll soon feel better!

  13. From one Susan to another: prayers for healing!

  14. I'm sorry to hear you are having health problems. You are so right that it is never good to be sick but so much worse during the holiday season. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  15. thinking of you and wishing you improvement every day. Your blog and pictures bring such enjoyment to those of us who read & view them. But the most important thing is YOU, healing and feeling better. Please rest and recuperate.

  16. I wish you good health going forward from this minute and improving every day. Your blog is so sweet, but rest and take care of yourself. Love to you, your hubby and Bentley.

  17. Prayers for you and for your doctors to be able to get to the bottom of what ails you. God Bless

  18. You are in my prayers for a complete recovery and that you will be feeling better real soon.

  19. Sending you prayers and hugs.

  20. sorry to hear that you're ill. I hope it isn't anything serious and you can overcome it soon! It's always hard to be ill or to have a sick family member at Christmastime, but prayers are coming your way!

  21. I wish I lived near you - you could curl up in your favorite spot and direct me where to place your lovely things. You could tell me the stories about your favorites and we could remember happy Christmases with our loved ones. Barbara in Mn

  22. Hoping you get to the bottom of this and start on the road to healing and recovery.❤ You are in my prayers . Get well soon. Lucy❤❤❤❤❤ Hugs for Bentley too.��

  23. You're a gifted blogger. I have joined your feed and anticipate looking for a greater amount of your awesome post. Additionally, I have shared your site in my informal communities!

  24. Susan I came here to see what the heck is going on? I see you have had surgery and now an infection in your legs. I am praying for you and will continue til you are WELL!!!!

  25. Dearest Susan...I read on Claudia's blog that you were ill, so I came over to read some of your latest posts. I just wanted you to know that I'm so sorry for what you are going through - and I see Bentley isn't doing well either. Please know that I will be keeping you in my prayers. I hope that you will feel a little better on Christmas day where you can enjoy it.

    Melanie @ Comfy House

  26. Dear Susan, I'm so sorry you're going through this. I've read on Facebook David's update on you and please know you're in my prayers. You're on my mind and in my heart. Love you, sweet friend.
    Shelia :)

  27. Oh dear Susan, I’m so sorry that you are sick. I’m praying you will be well soon. Take good care. Hugs and blessings.

  28. So sorry to hear (via Claudia) that you're not well. Sending heartfelt wishes for great doctors and healing, Susan, and hopes that a little Christmas cheer came your way!

  29. Prayers Susan. I enjoy your blog and just want you to know we are thinking of you.

  30. Susan, I am praying for your complete healing. So sorry to hear you have been sick and in the hospital.

  31. I just read this. I had wondered where you were on Instagram. I hope the new year finds you feeling better. If not, know that I am praying that you feel better very soon. Take care. Marcia Persson

  32. Just a note to let you know I'm thinking of you. All good, healing thoughts.

  33. Praying you will be well very soon. God bless you.

  34. I am sorry you are not well! Praying you will be well soon!

  35. Praying for the lord God to draw near to you and your family. Praying for sweet Bently too.

  36. Susan, I am so sorry. Even though we have never met, I feel like I know you because of your lovely blog. You and your loved ones are in my prayers. If you are able, please let us know how you are faring. If you aren't able, perhaps your husband or someone you trust can let us know how you are doing. Take care Susan. My prayers and best wishes are with you.

  37. Dearest Susan,
    I have been out of the blogging circle for several months but read on Diana's blog of your serious illness. I am so very sorry...My prayers, well wishes and love I am sending to you.
    Just so you know, Mr. Sweet had kidney cancer years ago. Scared us sooo bad so I know a little of what you are going thru.
    The doctor removed one kidney and 1/2 of the other... Bill lived several years with that 1/2 kidney and never had a bit of trouble.

  38. I just read on Diana's blog that you are facing a serious illness. Will be lifting you in prayer and believe that there will be healing that takes place for you!

  39. Read this prayer need on Diana's blog. Praying for you. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  40. sending prayers, hope your felling better soon

  41. Just checking in again to send prayers and love your way for a successful surgery and more time. Good time. For you. Sending love, hope, peace and more.

  42. So very sorry to learn you are still very poorly sweet lady.
    Sending healing wishes your way, may the Lord bless and make you whole again.

  43. Have continued praying for you and hope you are feeling better. I miss your posts and the latest on Bentley..... Please let someone know how you are doing and we will pass the word along. God bless you and your family.....xoxoxo

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  45. Susan, you're having your surgery today and I want you to know I'm still praying for you!
    Shelia :)

  46. Minha amiga tão querida: espero que você esteja bem pois seu blog me faz muita falta! Estamos unidas em oração! Volta logo! Te amo! sua amiga brasileira Liliane!

  47. I've been thinking about you Susan and hoping you are healing well from your surgery.

    Take care,

  48. Hope that you are doing well

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