Thursday, September 3, 2020

Susan and Oliver Down the Rabbit Hole

I just want to escape from all the mania in our country today!  I wish that Oliver and
I could shrink ourselves down for the day and play in the land of miniatures!
I feel like we are headed into a full scale abyss, so I may as well grab Oliver and
go down the rabbit hole.  

The world above this rabbit hole is one filled with contradiction.  Do this, but I don't
have to do it.  Do as I say, not as I do!

Tear down all the statues and deface every monument, every grave stone
in sight!  

Destroy property, and allow citizens to be terrorized in their own cities.

Wear a mask, now don't wear a mask ... but wait, put that mask back on!

Candidates who can barely string two words together.  Don't worry about
the fact that they don't know where they are.  

Don't visit your elderly parents in assisted living, not even if they
are on their death beds.

Hide!  Hide in your homes!  Hide in your basement!

Don't notice that China is amassing an enormous naval operation.
Don't look at that ~ look over here!

What happened to all those missing children on the milk cartons?
Were they all sent to a private island visited by the rich and

For heavens sake, don't get a haircut, or work out in a gym or
go visit a favorite restaurant, or spend time with family and

How could life down the rabbit hole possibly be any worse than
the one we have been living right here above ground?  Lewis Carrol was
a very intuitive man.  

Take care my dear friends.  Be safe and be happy any way you can
because it's a crazy world out there.

Big Texas Hugs and Lots of Love,
Susan and Oliver


  1. Oh Susan, you go girl!!! You're my hero; whoops that's politically incorrect -- you're my heroine! I hear you loud and clear and agree with everything you've said. Yes, it's scary indeed. That's why we all have to vote -- in PERSON.

    You take care; Oliver is adorable. :D Have a good weekend.



  2. You said it, Susan! Well put! Can I follow you and Oliver down that rabbit hole, please?

  3. It's a crazy, crazy world we live in. I am going down the rabbit whole with you!

  4. Hi Susan, I agree with every word you wrote. Some day's I grow so weary and down hearted. I try not to listen to the media but things are happening so fast and crazy I feel I need to know what is going on. I'm praying after the elections it might calm down a little but who knows in these times. I enjoy your blog as it is always a pleasure to visit and I think my Buffy and I will go with you and Oliver down that rabbit hole and stay until the Covid and the craziness stops and we can have some tea parties and enjoy the fantasy. Take care dear one. ~carol

  5. I'm going with you too! I think I'll go sit in one of those cute little wing backed chairs and watch one of the old 50's family TV shows! Oh those were the days... I agree with you on the voting IN PERSON and about that person who can't hardly speak coherently... if that person is the one voted to run our country, we are in even deeper doo doo I'm afraid! I've been burying my head in the sand as much as possible.. it's not a rabbit hole but it's all I have! Take care and stay well. Marilyn

  6. Amen!!! You said it soooo well!

  7. Some days you just just have to take your cute puppy and go down the rabbit hole, away from all the craziness. xoxo

  8. I too would like to go Down the Rabbit Hole. If the election should not go my way, I may dig my very own hole!

  9. Yes ma’am. I congratulate you on your courage to speak you mind and feelings. I agree with you. Wish we lived closer so we could play together in fantasy land. Stay well and strong. God can do anything. That’s how I keep going. My faith.

  10. There are 800,000 children who go missing from our country every year. Where do they go? Under this president, hundreds have been rescued. The brother of the man who cannot speak owns the closest island to Epstein island. Why? We all need to pray and vote to end the crimes against humanity. Why doesn't the media report this? Why all this chaos? Why the virus? Is it because it is an election year? I'm sorry to go on and on, but I'm angry and tired of not being able to speak my mind. Thank you for your post. I agree with everything. I'm going to believe The Best Is Yet To Come!

  11. Ditto what you said...I love it that Gracie Allen is on your TV. <3

  12. I hear you. I am at the point that I don't watch the news, because you can't even count on the news to tell you the truth. Makes you want to move somewhere away from everyone. Makes you want to escape to a good book and forget the world around you. Thank you for saying what some many of us are thinking.

  13. I hope you and Oliver are doing well. Surely would love to read a new post! Praying that you will get well. XOXO


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