Saturday, December 5, 2020

Holiday Decor Promises I Have Made

Every year I promise myself not to go over the top with the

Christmas decor.  Well I have done it again.  What can I say,

I am weak!

Loads of Love,

Susan and Oliver

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  1. LOL- I am weak, too, but didn't do all that I usually do. That being said- I did MUCH MORE than I said I was going to do. lol. Happy Decorating! xo Diana

  2. I understand. Weakness reigns here, too.

  3. We are being good here, so far. And, only putting up what makes us smile...the blog can always delve into Christmas past if necessary. But, after our overindulgence outside..that's fine. Hugs, and amazing what one bow can do---with some greens! Sandi

  4. I love your blog. hearing about your life and seeing your lovely things, now its Christmas. enjoy all your lovely decorations it's been a terrible year for everyone. I'm in Scotland, it's cold, cold. We could do with your weather. Then I would be complaining of the heat. lol Your wee dog is beautiful. We have always had wee yorkies as well. Take care, best wishes Tottie x

  5. Happy to hear you are feeling better. 2020 has been good for me, considering what has been happening. I am grateful every day for my good health. I am keeping busy in my home although I am alone. Post some photos of baby, Oliver. I plan to adopt two rescue yorkies, senior next January. I’m excited for that. Merry Christmas to you.

  6. Glad you are feeling better, funny I did less inside this year no company for this Christmas. Did the mantel and a few odds and ends but not much at all. Although we did go a bit crazy outside with lights on shrubs, a lighted tree made out of tomato cages on porch and a battery lighted wreaths on front door. We all cope in our own way.


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