Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ash Tree Cottage Has a New Look ~ Almost

After several cups of tea (to keep my nerves steady) and some pencil chewing,
I managed to get up the nerve to change my blog's template.  Now this may
not be a big deal to many of you, but it was a big leap for me.  This tech
challenged chickie has been posting on the same template since my first post.

Oh sure, in the past I have changed my blog's banner and have played around
with some fonts and colors, but essentially that's it.  I got so bored looking at
my blog when I opened it up and I thought that if I am bored then you all
must be yawning when you pay me a visit.

So, here it is ~ the big new reveal.  Of course it's not without it's flubs.
There is a bit more tweaking to do, but the biggest flub is that I have lost
my BlogHer Tune-in Bar in the process.  I was not expecting that and don't 
know how to fix it, so I have sent an urgent message to the BlogHer ads team.
Of course they are all in New York at the big 2012 conference.  Martha Stewart 
and Katie Couric and a visit from the President will no doubt have them all
busy and I am sure they are not too worried about little old Ash Tree Cottage
and the missing Tune-in Bar.

That's all I plan to do today.  I probably should start thinking about
dinner because if I don't pull myself away from the Mac, I will be here
all evening and David will have to go pick up some take out.  If that 
happens, I know that Bentley will be voting for pizza!

I am joining Brenda's new party
Be sure to stop by and visit all the tweaking going on over there!

Right Bentley?  You know Brenda has two adorable Yorkies too!!

Susan and Bentley


  1. Your new design looks so pretty! Congrats on taking on such a big & scary task!

  2. Very nice.I love all your blue and whites.

  3. It's looking great! I love the blue and white and the fresher design!
    hugs, Linda

  4. It's lovely, Susan! You know I love blue and white!...hugs...Debbie

  5. It looks lovely. But I really like this post! I love all of your blue and white!!!

    - The Tablescaper

  6. I opened your blog, saw the blue flowers, and just smiled. I love the blue! You did great. I might be able to help you get your Tune In Bar back. You can go to your BlogHer Publisher account. Go to ad sizes, I think it is. Go to the tune in bar and if the check mark is next to it, you can just grab the code and put it back. If you want me to walk you through it, email me your phone number and I'll call you. Have to say I did just take a pain pill. But I imagine I could muddle through. In technical support they should have the steps to tell you how to add it too.

  7. I'm sorry you've lost your thingy, but your blog looks wonderful. The blue and white is so you! ;) Lovely header and there is little Bentley smiling up a storm! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Love the way everything looks thus far. I love the font and it is sooooo good to read it. (sorry, getting aged and can't see very well any more (tee hee) . I think you have done a beautiful job. Get the kinks out for yourself. Bentley, don't you know how to do this? Help your Mommy, I think you can ;-)

  9. looks great Susan~! now that you have the hang of it you'll be wanting more change..

  10. Ahhh...you did good! Very sweet and pretty! Now you make me want to play with mine too. Be sure to give yourself a technology badge and a bravery badge!

  11. Well done, it's really nice. Love your blue and white and the dresser,my kind of look.

  12. Hi Susan: I really like the new you, but I know what you mean about changing things, it is scary. We had the computer in the shop and now everything is in different places and I get so scared when that happens. What is the thing you lost? Do I have one??. That's it in a nutshell. Say hi to Bentley..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  13. It's lovely, Susan! It IS scary changing things up!

  14. Love it even more seeing it the second time around! Thanks for joining my party!

  15. I see you got it back! I'm very good with all things BlogHer related, so don't hesitate to ask in the future. It looks great, Susan. Good for you for going for it! Yay!


  16. Sister,
    I am loving the blue! It is so YOU! *smile* You cabinet full of pretty dishes is lovely, too! I will be looking for my magazine in the mail, YAY! Bentley, did Momma cook or was it pizza for you and Daddy?

  17. The blog looks great. Love the blue. I know how it is on changing blog stuff-it takes me forever and googling how to's and asking a million questions. ANyway-great job!

  18. Your new Blog Header is as beautiful as your home Susan! I do love all your blue and white china too. It goes so well with your new blue and white blog background and header. I don't know how to do a header like yours. I haven't figured it out and may never be able to. Congrats on a job well done. Hug Bentley for me.

  19. Hi Susan and Bentley,
    Oh my goodness - you did a fabulous job on your new header and I am sure that Bentley was very helpful in your new design!! The blue and white is lovely and I am so proud of you for trying and succeeding so well.
    Erin and Bentley

  20. Hi Susan,
    I love your new look and I really love your wallpaper!!! and your header is divine! I have been wanting to change my header again I am still am not 100% loving it. IS yours a free apt..if so can you tell me where you found it.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  21. It turned out great and I love your cube tea pot!

  22. Looks great to me. Looks like you got your banner back.


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