Saturday, July 28, 2012

Little Cabin Turns Into Mr Blanding's Dream House

Last fall we bought a lot in a lovely golf course resort community up in
the mountains.  We were very excited because not only is it beautiful in
this area, but it is also just three lots away from our friends Juli and Patrick's cabin.

We immediately started looking at plans for a simple cozy cabin.
Nothing fancy.  Something small, simple with a nice front porch and
a stone fireplace inside.  Something like Jack Hanna's cabin shown here above.

We started to draw up our plans.  

I said I really wanted a nice rustic stone fireplace just like the one in Jack's cabin.
Since David is a contractor he contacted our stone mason about it.  
Rudy said he would build it for us.

Great!  That will be a perfect fireplace.

Then we started to talk about the bedrooms and we decided that we needed
two bedrooms on the first floor and a loft on the second floor that would include
guest sleeping and a studio/library.  The insanity begins!

Our tile subcontractors and plumbers asked us about the bathrooms.  We
decided we needed two full baths and of course a powder room.  "You will 
need a bidet", said the plumber.  "Can't build a decent bathroom without a bidet."
Oran, our tile man said, "I want to build you a stone walk in shower large
enough for two with dual rain heads and body wash."

Of course I said that I wanted a claw foot tub. 

David wanted a walk in bar and I said I wanted an Aga for the 
kitchen.  It would be so charming, and cozy and oh the wonderful soups
and stews simmering on the stove!

The appliance salesman said I was crazy.  Just buy another Viking like
the one you have in town.  Much cheaper he said.

We visit our architect with our wish list.  He starts drawing up
the plans and keeps adding our suggestions.  
A dutch door in the kitchen.
A window seat with bookcases on either side in my Mom's bedroom.
Don't forget that walk in bar for David.
And a big island in the kitchen ...

And what once was a cozy little cabin began to evolve into
a mountain mcmansion!

Lots of windows across the back to take in the mountain views.
Post and beam construction just like the house in the movie
Christmas in Connecticut too!

A two car garage too. Oh, and don't forget the radiant heat in the floor.
Blah, blah, blah ...

Then the visit from the excavator ...

"Yep, you're going to need a walk-out basement", he says.

Suddenly David and I looked at each other and said ~

"What are we thinking?  This is insanity!!!"
We were living through scenes from the movie
Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House.

Whatever happened to that simple, sweet and cozy cabin we originally
dreamed about?  

Something like Jack Hanna's cabin seems like the perfect and practical
get away once again.  We have regained our senses at last!
I'm drawing up the plans.  Keeping a lid on my fantasies. Unless of we should
happen to win the lottery of course :)

Bentley ~ sometimes your Momma and Daddy just get carried away. 
Thankfully, you have more sense than we do!

Susan and Bentley


  1. I've come over from The Tablescaper and just loved your post! Things do grow out of everything simple when you start putting down 'wants' don't they? We built our farmhouse here in Wales 16 years ago and we do have an AGA ....often with muddy boots left beside it...though not as much as at the other farm (my son's now farming) where hubbie wanted them warm ready for going out milking at 5 am! I loved the cabin you showed! Just lovely! Joan
    PS...I've become your latest follower so I can keep up with the cabin!

  2. I was reading this post and getting quite worried,I so wanted you to have Jacks cabin,so that I could click in to see it from time to time.
    I am so pleased you came down to earth and are settling for Jacks cabin,it's so sweet. xxoo

  3. Dreams are fun to dream about . . . but I think we must stay realistic I suppose . . . that way is a lot safer on the budget! I can't wait to see what evolves though! xxoo

  4. aww Susan..

    I'm glad you enjoyed dreaming but I'm sure the cabin in your reality with be warm and cozy and perfect..
    sometimes Simple is best and the most enjoyed.

  5. Susan ~ We can all get carried away dreaming about our dream places. Keeping it simple is the best. It will be a cozy, warm retreat for you, David and Bentley. I can hardly wait to see it ~ I am so excited! ;-)

  6. Oh that is just the most darling cabin you have pictured. What I see when I think of a cozy cabin. I can't wait to see it when it is done and you decorate it. I am sure it will be darling like your other home. Oh I envy you a cozy cabin in the woods.

  7. It's always fun to dream:@) I love the cabin you show, it's so cozy and warm-have fun!

  8. Susan, I had exactly the same experience when building MY log dream home. If you want to see the house, here's my post on it

    ps I'm pretty sure the Mr Blandings experience is the one EVERYBODY has when building from scratch the first time. That's the secret nobody tells you! and I adore that movie, too!!

  9. I think it happen with every project ~ starts out simple and continues to grow. ;-)
    I like the idea of a simple cabin if this is a weekend retreat. Too much house means you could be spending all your getaway time taking care of the needs of a big house. LOL Good luck with your project........Sarah

  10. But it is so wonderful to dream! I know your cabin will be cozy with love no matter what the final plans entail. Happy Sunday!!

  11. Thank goodness you came to your senses! Just remember the more you own the more it owns you, after all you want to enjoy yourself! I Love the sweet cabin in the Photo!

  12. Our simple dreams can get away from us but I do think you will be happy with a small cabin! Love all the wonderful ideas you had though!!

  13. Wow! Your dream McMansion is out of this world. But I think the Jack Hanna style cabin is just perfect. xo

  14. I love the jack Hanna cabin! That is exactly what I would want for a get away! We are in the process of building our new home and we DID add ALOT of extras but this is the last home we will have so wanted it all. DIDN'T do a walk out basement and now REGRET that!!!!

  15. Oh, isn't that Hanna cabin just too cute and cozy? Makes me want to curl up with a good book.......I loved your McMansion plans too, but if I'm on vacation and getting some much needed rest I don't want to clean all the time.....a little spot of heaven would be just great for me. :-)

    Can't wait to see how everything turns out.........



  16. So glad I found you and your this!

    Thank you

  17. Oh dear, I've been down that path and ended up with a wine cellar and too many things we didn't need. Good for you for reconnecting with your original dream. Sounds wonderful!

  18. I can relate to this very well. We have some land in NC and dreamed of a small cabin built there. When we got some plans drawn up, reality hit us right in the face. Now I will have my simple house (perhpas an old bungalow) somewhere in CA instead one day. "Mr. Blandings Dream House". I have felt like I was the only one in the world who ever saw it. It's good to see it mentioned here and thank goodness for Turner Classic Movies and AMC! Ann

  19. I really enjoyed your post. We're in the same boat. We are considering a small cabin something like what you showed. I will be interested in seeing your plan. We're working on our own after looking at so many. It's really hard to resist the urge to keep adding! But you lose that charm when you do that!


  20. The cabin is adorable, and I'm betting you will come up with a just right plan for yours. It's easy to go overboard when options start being tossed around, and then you have to regroup, rethink.

  21. Believe it or not, I've been dreaming about just such a cabin. For real. It's my true dream house.

  22. How exciting. Do at least try to keep the claw foot tub. LOL. I can't wait to see how this project turns out!

  23. It all looks beautiful. I'm sure whatever you do will be just as lovely. It's always fun to dream big and then find a happy medium!


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